For All Pantyhose & Lingerie Lovers

I love to cater to special requests! I had someone buy some pantyhose and high heels recently so I took these pics before sending them off in the mail:)

Nikki Ivana, redhead, Mature, BBW Escort, Las Vegas Escort, GFE, Fetish, Dominatrix, 702.236.1975, 702-236-1975, 7022361975

If you enjoy nylons/pantyhose, lingerie or high heels please tell me so I can make sure to wear them during our session. This is included in the massage plus (topless massage) or massage with the works (full service, GFE) sessions for no extra charge.


Nikki Ivana, redhead, Mature, BBW Escort, Las Vegas Escort, GFE, Fetish, Dominatrix, 702.236.1975, 702-236-1975, 7022361975

Definitely text me if you are interested in a session with a redhead BBW escort while you are in Las Vegas:) 7022361975

Nikki Ivana, redhead, Mature, BBW Escort, Las Vegas Escort, GFE, Fetish, Dominatrix, 702.236.1975, 702-236-1975, 7022361975

Spring Is In The Air And I Am A Horny Girl

Nikki Ivana, BBW Escort, Las Vegas Escort, GFE, Fetish, 702.236.1975, 702-236-1975, 7022361975I am so happy to be able to do what I love for a living!  Something has been going on with me – I am just about insatiable when it comes to sex!  Sometimes I feel like I could have 10 men and still want more.

I’m also having lots of fun with sensation play and role play.  Specialty sessions with people who want to learn about their own sexuality or have some cherries popped.  The nervous curiosity is a huge turn on for me!!!  That’s why I love breaking cherries:)

I’m off to tackle my to-do list for the day – lots of errands today.  Then if I have time I’m going to work on – I’ve made a lot of updates and added a few new videos so go check them out.  In those videos I demonstrate slow oral sex.  One is a thank you blow job (bbbj) where I also play with his testicles and give a lot of external prostate stimulation.  The other is a very playful session with an old friend of mine.  Lots of teasing!

Enjoy!Nikki Ivana, BBW Escort, Las Vegas Escort, GFE, Fetish, 702.236.1975, 702-236-1975, 7022361975

Thanks for visiting my site – Las Vegas Masseuse – I love Las Vegas and I love being an escort here. I’m super grateful to have connected with BBW Lovers, super kinky folks, and fans of all types of full body sensual massage (FBSM). Just in case you don’t have it handy, my number is 702-236-1975. Text is best since I don’t always make it to my voicemail in a timely manner.

Sometimes I’m Submissive

I hate to admit it but these sessions were so hot that I have to.  Sometimes I’m a little submissive.  Not like my girlfriend Telly… but still…

I was escorted by a butler to his luxury suite.  I walked in and he’d had a massage table brought in for me:)  He wanted a shower with me first.

I stripped and got into the shower with him.  After I soaped myself up and rinsed off I began lathering him up.  I love variety and he definitely brought it!  He may be one of the tallest people I’ve ever been with – my eyes only came up to his nipples!

As I rubbed the soap down his back and into the crack of his ass he arched his back and I stuck my finger tip into his rosebud and gently cleansed all the folds of his anus.  Then I walked around to his front side and crouched down to suckle on his cock a little bit.

He rinsed off and we moved to the table.  The entire time he was face down he was talking to me asking for all the dirty details of the nasty naughty things I do with clients.  I massaged his back, neck and legs.  As I finished with each glute I leaned over and licked his rosebud with long soft tongue strokes.  He moaned and wiggled his butt back and forth and I licked a little harder before pulling away and going on to massage the rest of his leg.

Once I was finished with the whole back side of his body I put on gloves and focused in on his anus.  Inserting my fingertip between the inner and outer sphincters I gently pressed outward in every direction helping him to relax and stretching him a bit.  I slowly sank my finger all the way into his asshole and curled it so the tip was touching his tail bone.  This drove him absolutely crazy and he was humping up and down against my finger.  I responded by massaging his sacrum gently at first and then a bit more vigorously.  I proceeded to massage the entire pelvic floor and in his aroused state he moaned and ground his pelvis through every minute of it.  I lingered at his prostate adding a second finger after awhile to intensify the stretching sensation in addition to the penetration.

Eventually he ordered me to the bed and told me to bring condoms.  He lay on his back and I rolled a condom onto his rock hard cock and rubbed lube all over it.  I climbed up on the bed and planted one foot on each side of his pelvis and began riding him.  I thanked him for letting me fuck his big hard cock.  After a bit he told me to turn around so he could watch my ass as I rode his dick.

Once I was turned around I rode him a bit but before long he was telling me to put his cock where I knew I wanted it and I said I wasn’t sure I could take it.  He said I could and I would.  I grabbed the lube and as I continued fucking him I applied it to my ass cheeks and put it into my asshole using one finger and then two trying to stretch myself out so that I could take him in.

I got a little to aggressive riding his cock and on one of the strokes it popped out of my pussy and he told me to put it in my ass now.  I said I still didn’t know if I could take it and he just said yes I could and to be a good girl for daddy so I took it in my hand and massaged all over my asshole with the head.  As soon as I felt myself loosening up for him I slowly lowered myself.  I got the head in and felt myself stretching and just stayed there breathing.  Then I slowly begin slipping it in and out allowing it to go a little deeper with each stroke.  Eventually I was pressed all the way against him and I could feel his pubic bone on my tailbone and his nuts on my pussy.  I began to grind against him as I played with my pussy.  I asked him to hold still until I got used to him inside my tight ass and he did until he couldn’t take it any more and started fucking up into me.  I could feel him sliding in and out faster and faster and stimulating my pussy walls at the same time.  I asked him if daddy liked fucking my little ass and he said yes I was being a very good girl.

He told me he was ready to do me doggy style so I got up and assumed the position.  Since I was already acclimated to his cock he was able to slide it right in and grabbing my hips on either side he began pumping in and out of my ass.  I was enjoying it so much I said “fuck me harder daddy” as I reached to rub my clit at the same time.  He did and I came as he was ramming his cock into me.  My orgasm made him ready to cum and he told me he was going to cum on me.  He pulled out and took the condom off.  He ran his cock up and down the crack of my ass a couple of times and then I felt his warm cum all over my ass, back and neck!  He shot all the way up to my neck!

Our time together was so hot that he called me back today:)

He requested that I wear something sexy today:)  I wore a satiny black blouse with a miniskirt and heels.  Underneath I had on crotchless pantyhose, lace undies and a cupless bra.  When I arrived at his suite of rooms he stripped and laid on the table face down right away.  I took off my shoes and my shirt and rubbed down the back of his body.  Then I did a thorough anal massage on him again and again he loved it.  The whole time we talked about all the people I had fucked since the last time he saw me. He ran his hand up and down my leg and of course found out about my crotchless nylons when his hand went up my thigh:)  As he was getting more and more into my anal treatment he was grabbing my ass cheek and then cupping my pussy.  I was trying to grind against his hand too but he kept his touch light and teasing.

Finally he couldn’t take it anymore and got onto his back.  I stripped off my skirt and panties.  I bent over and started giving him the best blow job I could and he told me it was like I had a pussy in my mouth.  I put one foot up on the table so I was spread open for him to play with my pussy and my ass while I continued to give him a sloppy wet blowjob and tickled his ass with my other hand slipping in fingers randomly here and there.  He told me to go get a condom and I asked if I could fuck him on the table.

I put the condom on and lubed it up.  I climbed on the table and sunk my pussy down onto his ridged cock.  I began to pump up and down and telling him thank you, thank you daddy for letting me have your cock.  I told him about how I could feel it stretching my pussy lips wide open and filling every inch of me.  I had my boobs squished together and I said I just wanted to make daddy happy because he was making me feel so good.  I changed my position a little bit and began grinding my pelvis against him a little slower and told him how I could feel daddy’s hair rubbing against my little clit and how grateful I was that he was letting me go so slow so I could feel every bit of him going in and out of my cunt.  I was squeezing and pushing with my pussy muscles and he was really enjoying it.  He told me he wanted to go to the bed and and I begged him saying no daddy please don’t make me take your cock out of my pussy because it feels so good.  So he put his hands on my hips and started fucking up into me.  I came right away and then I could feel his hot cum filling up the condom as he squirted and squirted into it.  I climbed off of him and admired the cream that was all over his balls from my pussy:)

Writing that was so hot that I have to go play with myself now!  I hope you enjoyed it:)


The Right Way To Spend A Sunday Afternoon

Wow this month has been smoking hot busy!  So busy that I haven’t had a chance to write about all the sexy fun I’ve been having…

Today was fantastic!  I knew my friend was super excited to meet me – I had suggested one time for and appointment and he told me about how he had been reading my site and was really looking forward to seeing me so I agreed to come directly as soon as I could.

One thing that I think is totally hot is coming into the room and when the energy is right we start kissing and hugging and rubbing each other all over.  Quickly I’m on my knees blowing him and I only just met him minutes before.  I also usually get really wet when sucking cock so this is a great way to start…

We went to the bed and I took off my dress saying I didn’t want to get pre-cum on it.  He was on his back and I leaned forward sucking on his nipples and then kissing him while grinding against his hard cock.

He rolled me onto my back and kissed his way down my body taking time at each nipple.  When he got to my pussy he gently pulled my pussy lips open and tenderly with the most gentle pressure licked my pussy tracing my labia and clit with long wet strokes of his tongue.

Pushing my legs up and spreading my ass cheeks he licked my ass and that got me even hotter and I had to reach down and rub my clit.  I was grinding my pelvis against him and he came back up to lick my pussy.

I asked for his cock in my mouth again so he knelt next to my face and let me suck on him while I played with myself.  He pulled back after a minute, not wanting to cum too quick.

I got up and guided him to lean forward so I could lick his ass.  I was on my knees behind him with my face in his ass playing with myself and that is how I had a nice strong clitoral orgasm.

We lay resting for a bit until I was ready to give him his massage.  I set up the table and had him lay face down.

I gave him a nice medium pressure massage on his back getting him nice and relaxed.  I took my gloves and gently caressed him up and down his body with the gloves – they created a silky feeling he really enjoyed .

I put them on and rubbed oil all over his ass cheeks and thighs using a variety of strokes giving him all kinds of sensations.  He was enjoying it so much!  I slowly worked my finger in and massaged his pelvis from the inside a full 360 degrees.

I spent time on his prostate and he fucked back against my fingers and ground his pelvis corkscrewing it around so my finger would rub in circles around his prostate.  I slipped a second finger in and fucked him that way until he was ready to turn onto his back.

With him on his back I massage his entire groin area with a variety of strokes.  I spent time giving his cock lots of gentle loving touch.  He was aroused to the point of being rock hard.  I worked my way down rubbing the hard base of his cock behind his balls and the area where his legs met his body.

Again I finger fucked his ass.  As he was getting more and more into it I closed my fingers into a circle around the base of his ball sac and pulled it away from his body.  I added a finger and continued to finger his ass and rub his prostate as I took his cock into my mouth.

He continued to enjoy it more and more and to push him over the edge I slipped a third finger into his ass.  He looked up in surprise and I mirrored it back to him playfully letting him know that I knew what I was doing that he could take it.

I put my mouth on his cock again and began to suck and finger fuck him more rhythmically.  He alternated between thrusting his pelvis up and putting one hand on each side of my head to guide it up and down his shaft at the perfect speed.

He came as he was thrusting up into my mouth and I felt his ass spasm around my fingers and his prostate got to it’s largest.  He came for a long time.  As his waves of orgasm subsided he said this was an intense orgasm and he really liked the build up.  I told him to relax and he said he didn’t think he could do much else.  I stood next to him with my hand on his heart for almost 10 minutes as he drifted in bliss.


120 Minute Treatments – Popular!

2 hours is turning into the best time frame!  I’ve had several sessions of this length in the last week and each one was simply amazing.  I’ve been learning about Taoist Erotic Massage lately and with this expanded time frame I’m able to truly indulge you with all my skills.

To start of with, I bring my table if you like.  I always recommend it anyway because I will have better access to your whole body – I’ll be able to reach further and with more pressure.  You also have the benefit of the firm table holding you up under the pressure of my firm strokes.  If you like deep pressure it is a must because none of the pressure is lost by you getting pushed down into the mattress.

My normal full body massage takes about an hour.  If you only get an hour with me then I get to give a great treatment on your back and glutes if we allow for play time.  If you have a 90 minute session I can do back, anal play, front, and we have play time.  If you climax before our session time is over I will continue to massage your body until our time is up. 

The new things I’ve learned can fill an hour by themselves.  Complete cock and anal massage.  These new strokes have taken all the things I already knew intuitively and broken them down.  I complete each stroke slowly, sensually, and integrate it with the rest of your body by also caressing your heart area and your thighs.  I also talk you through some breathing relaxation practices that heightens the sensations even more.  I continue with this until climax is imminent and at that point give you the choice of how you would like to finish – either continuing as is, orally or by going to the bed and having sex.

Therapeutically and Sensually Massaging the Female Upper Body

Closeup of the breasts of a pregnant woman.
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There are muscles in the chest that a massage therapist can’t get to unless they touch your breast. In our society, that’s fine for men. For women it’s another story because the female breast is totally sexualized. However, as any female who has specifically exercised her chest knows, there are muscles under those boobs that get sore and could use a good therapeutic treatment. People in general tend to hold a lot of stress in their shoulders and chest. I don’t know how anyone could massage that area and not want to pleasure the nipples as well! I indulge in my desire to pleasure nipples any chance I get and love it when they are on the end of a female breast!

I begin by gently spreading oil on the entire arm and half of the chest from fingertip to shoulder on the arm and from clavicle to sternum on the chest. I warm the skin and on her chest by massaging back and forth across the area just above the breast and I keep rubbing back and forth going down her breast with a light touch eventually moving on to the rib cage below her breast. For deeper pressure on her upper chest I use my fore arm in addition to my hands. On the rib cage I use my fingertips to gently massage the muscles that are in between the ribs. If the energy is right between us I will take her nipple in my mouth and ask if she likes gentle or rough on her nipples. M wanted it rough and I obliged sucking roughly and flicking my tongue ring against the tip as forcefully as I could. I did this just long enough to get a reaction from her before I moved on to her upper arm. On the arm I warm the skin using short strokes and long strokes. I give more pressure with the flat of my fist and my fore arm. I massage her hands and pull on each finger twice rubbing the small muscles in between the knuckles. I finish this part of her body with light sweeping strokes and get ready to move down to her leg.

To be continued…

this post is purely fictional and provided solely for entertainment value

Beginning the Couples Massage

Human body, upper part, front. Adapted for use...
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One piece I forgot to mention in my last post…how I got topless!

I am naturally an exhibitionist. As a female I have gone from one extreme to the other with body image issues. I have been big and I have been skinny. Society says skinny is better. I think it is healthier. Right now I am big. When I first started gaining I was really worried about showing my body. But what I found is there are plenty of people that still like and want my body at this larger size! So I go with it and have a ton of fun. My favorite part about being bigger is that I have c cup boobs! At my thinnest they go down to a cups:(

When I walked into the room from the bathroom and M was on the table I asked if they wanted to watch me take my top off. They said of course. R had told me he was a total boob man. So I did a fun/ny strip tease dance with the big reveal at the end. I like to strip and be admired!

We got the massage started. What is really cool is I don’t just give a body rub. I actually use my intuition and experience to massage your muscles, relaxing them and moving the energy around. I don’t rub on your bones. I rub the meat. As hard as you want. The harder you want it I move from using my hands to using my fists and knuckles to using my fore arms and elbows. I am able to get to the tight knots in the crick of the neck! I am also very accomodating – in a split second if I sense or you tell me that I am putting on too much pressure I am able to correct. I don’t stop what I’m doing, I just correct the pressure and keep going.

The fun thing about doing this topless is that a few times while massaging your back I will lay down against your back stretching my arms out and gently caressing your booty. I also like the feeling of my nipples against the back of your head as I massage your upper back with my fore arms in large strong circles.

To be continued…

this post is purely fictional and provided solely for entertainment value

Introducing Myself to the Couple

shower head
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A man had called to ask about my couples special. I explained it was $85 for the first hour and $60 for every hour after that. He asked, was it sensual for both him and his wife and I said yes. He also wanted to make sure I could massage topless for them and I said yes, I would be happy to guarantee that since another woman would be there. He said ok great he would talk to his wife and get back to me if they wanted to schedule an appointment. I hear back from him and we get all the details squared away. Before the appointment I take a very nice thorough shower…I never know what might happen when another girl is there!

A note on showers: When you are going to be intimate with someone or get a massage it is best to thoroughly clean your ass. The only way I have found to do this is to get my hands extremely soapy and rub soap up into my ass hole. What is awesome about this is the soap acts as a lubricant and you can stick your finger in as far as you want to very easily and even pleasurably. Being a female I do the same thing to my pussy to get all fresh and clean. If I am unsure sometimes I even do it twice. Then, I twist the shower head so the spray turns into one strong stream of water and rinse off all the soap.

Added Service: If you need a shower when I arrive I will be happy to clean you…but it is part of your massage time:)

I arrive to their timeshare and bring in my table. I introduce myself to the husband (who I’ll call R) and he introduces me to the wife (who I’ll call M). They look like they are in their mid 40’s. Very friendly. We chat like I always do with my clients as I set up the massage table, putting on the fresh clean sheets and taking my bottle of oil out of its plastic bag. When I am finished with that I sit on the edge of the table and address M. I tell her that I will go as far sensually as she is comfortable with. There is no performance pressure on her. That if she prefers to have a towel covering her that is fine as well. I will massage her and depending on her reaction and how her body is taking it I will keep going with the sensual part. There is no pressure or expectation on my part that she needs to reach climax and that I will totally follow her lead. If at anytime she gets uncomfortable she just needs to let me know…communication in key. She tells me she appreciates that since this is her first experience with another female although it has been a fantasy for a long time.

It’s her turn for a massage first. She opts for no towel. As usual, I ask her to lay on the table face down while I go to the bathroom and wash my hands. When I return she is on the table and R is on the couch ready to watch. They both want 90 minutes so I make note of the time and get started. I always begin my session by placing both hands on the client’s upper back and getting a feel for their energy. Next, I gently press and squeeze down their back with differing pressure so the client can see how strong I am and I ask if they would prefer soft, medium or hard. M chose medium. I then instruct her to tell me if at anytime she needs more or less pressure to let me know.

To be continued…

this post is purely fictional and provided solely for entertainment value

Super Busy With Interesting Clients

this post is purely fictional and provided solely for entertainment value

I have been SOOOO busy! I’ve had a few really interesting clients since the last time I wrote.

The most recent was last night at the Venetian. Very nice guy! I’m excited because he said he will be in town for a week and may call me every day. We ended up having a super hot session – When I got to massaging his glutes and groin he was loving it so much I just stayed there and before I new it the hour was up! I got so turned on doing that to him I had to masturbate in the parking lot!

My most interesting client though was staying at the Excalibur. He was a beefy black man originally from New Orleans. He got on my table and everything started innocently enough. Then he started asking if I would massage certain parts of his body. It was yes yes yes until he asked if I could massage his prostate. I said yes as long as you’re clean. Before I know it he was butt up in the air. He started telling me he would really like some verbal domination. And he told me about his fetish of smelling feet. I did my best! He hired me for 2 appointments. The hardest part was he wanted racial talk – he said this was the only situation where he liked to be called names and talked down to. I was the first time in my life I ever called someone nigger. Pretty wild!

I had a nice guy from Orange County who was staying at the Four Seasons. Such a gorgeous hotel! He (like many of my clients) really liked my talk about women and what I like to do with them. And what my hubby and I do when we swing.

I had my favorite job yet. An older gentleman from Jersey hired me for 2 full days to basically hang out. Yes, I did some in room massage. Then we went to the topless pool at The Mirage called Bare. I gave him shoulder massages on demand. Oh so awesome looking at all the pretty titties! He treated me to lunch and dinner and then we went out to strip clubs. I love womens bodies!!! I love it when you get a really good stripper and they grind in all the right places! Then at the end of the second day he hired 2 gals from the body rub section of and for the first time I had my own sensual massage with a happy ending. I did exchange phone #’s with the girl who rubbed me and took her out to a 3 am breakfast when the day was over. We talked about hooking up but it hasn’t happened yet and it’s almost been a week. I don’t know if it will work out. Keep ya posted.

Now off to a busy day. Thank God my hubby gave me an Epsom Salt rub down last night! Otherwise I’d be too sore to move today!

this post is purely fictional and provided solely for entertainment value

Starting With New Partners Providing 4 Handed Topless Massage!

I am SOOOOO excited. When I work by myself I offer no nudity. I’m generally very strict about that…it is a boundary I have agreed to follow set my hubby.

But he has given me some lee way! If I have a partner with me I get to go topless with her!!!

So now I have 2 gals who are available to come with me and we can do 4 handed topless massage!

For rates check out my services page.