Cock And Ball Worship With The Las Vegas Masseuse ~ Exploring Submissive Service

Originally there was a video here and the following was a transcript from it.  Unfortunately youtube deleted my account and I lost the video:/

hi have you ever wanted to have the

experience of having your cock and your

balls worshiped by someone who can’t get

enough can’t get enough of the feeling

and of the taste and just wanting to

please you and make you feel so good and

to feel as much of you inside of her

mouth as much as possible

well I’m Nikki and I am the Las Vegas

masseuse and this is one of my favorite

scenarios that I do with my clients so

if you’re interested in experiencing

cock worship or just yeah just total

focus and attention oral focus and

attention on your cock and balls I love

getting into it my mouth is watering

just thinking about it there is this

place where I go where I just put myself

in that place of being a cock-hungry

whore and I just like to feel it feel it

in my mouth and moving in and out of my

lips and I like tasting your pre-cum and

talking to you about it as I do it and I

like to tease you also and bring you up

to the edge where you’re about to

explode in my mouth and then put my

mouth back down onto your testicles lick

you all over and that’s even I even like

to do some anilingus so that’s licking

your ass so like that can even be part

of it but it doesn’t you know it’s up to

your comfort level but just like taking

it as deep as I can and I’m pretty good

at deep throating and then I even like

to feel like you could get a little bit

rough like with my hair not too too

rough but just a little and and just

depending kind of also I’m like the

shape of your cock sometimes it will

slide down my throat more easily than

others so we’ll get into a position

where it’s oriented really well so I

could take it right down my throat and

then talk

really dirty to you about how my pussy’s

getting really wet while I’m sucking on

your hard cock I just had a session like

this and it was just so much fun so I

definitely who wanted to talk about it

while I was still don’t throw that all

right so check out my website Las Vegas

masseuse calm and go ahead and message

me any questions you have and if you

want this kind of session where I am

putting all my attention onto your cock

into your balls and and onto like making

you explode into my mouth feel free to

ask for that ok ask for the cock worship

session thank you for watching my video

make sure to stay in touch by

subscribing to my youtube channel here

and checking out one of my websites I

have my video site

and my masseuse site
make it a sexy day

Spring Is In The Air And I Am A Horny Girl

Nikki Ivana, BBW Escort, Las Vegas Escort, GFE, Fetish, 702.236.1975, 702-236-1975, 7022361975I am so happy to be able to do what I love for a living!  Something has been going on with me – I am just about insatiable when it comes to sex!  Sometimes I feel like I could have 10 men and still want more.

I’m also having lots of fun with sensation play and role play.  Specialty sessions with people who want to learn about their own sexuality or have some cherries popped.  The nervous curiosity is a huge turn on for me!!!  That’s why I love breaking cherries:)

I’m off to tackle my to-do list for the day – lots of errands today.  Then if I have time I’m going to work on – I’ve made a lot of updates and added a few new videos so go check them out.  In those videos I demonstrate slow oral sex.  One is a thank you blow job (bbbj) where I also play with his testicles and give a lot of external prostate stimulation.  The other is a very playful session with an old friend of mine.  Lots of teasing!

Enjoy!Nikki Ivana, BBW Escort, Las Vegas Escort, GFE, Fetish, 702.236.1975, 702-236-1975, 7022361975

Thanks for visiting my site – Las Vegas Masseuse – I love Las Vegas and I love being an escort here. I’m super grateful to have connected with BBW Lovers, super kinky folks, and fans of all types of full body sensual massage (FBSM). Just in case you don’t have it handy, my number is 702-236-1975. Text is best since I don’t always make it to my voicemail in a timely manner.

90 Minute Massage With Experimentation

He was younger than the average of most my clientele with a bit of a baby face and amazing piercing heart melting blue eyes. OMG if it was available I would have gone on a date with this one just to lose myself in those eyes!

Any way… back to the session:) I brought him in my apartment and up to the room where I have the massage table. Since he booked 90 minutes I wanted to make sure to give him some really good therapeutic massage. I had him lay face down on the table while I used the restroom and washed my hands.

Returning to the room I take off my dress and bra leaving only my lacey red panties. I began with his neck and shoulders. We chatted about this and that (I love it when I get to talk to other entrepreneurs!). He was really tight and I took time to warm up each area before going deeper into the muscles and pressing harder to give him some release. I worked on each arm and hand. Massage on the hands feels amazing in general but I know it feels even better if you do something where you’re working with your hands everyday!

I moved down to his legs and buttocks. Doing the same thing – warming and then going deeper – with each body part I took a break from the therapeutic as I worked the inside area of the upper thigh. At the top of each one I bent over and dipped my tongue into the crack of his ass and licked. I was rewarded with sighs and whispered words of pleasure. I love it when I get that verbal confirmation that what I’m doing feels good! He stroked the backs of my legs and when I looked back I saw those blue eyes checking out my booty. So hot!

I didn’t let that go on for too long since I had more massage to finish. I gave him the tongue treatment again when I got to the top of his other thigh and again I heard the vocalization of amazing pleasure. As soon as I finished with the rest of his leg and foot I got a towel, toweled off the excess oil from his ass cheeks and crack, laid on my stomach below him on the table and spreading his ass cheeks firmly planted my face in between them so I could lick up and down giving him a great experience.

I pulled his cock and balls back from his body and got them totally covered with saliva. I gave extra long licks that started with a suck on the head of his cock, ran up the length of his shaft, over his balls and up his ass crack to the tip of his tail bone. I would repeat this several times and then change the stroke of my tongue so that I was gently and wetly tongue fucking his ass.

Being satisfied with that part of the treatment I got up and had him roll onto his back. I gave his cock a couple of sucks and then his nipples before putting my boobs in his face so he could lick them and suck on the nipples. His hands were caressing my hips and thighs. I asked if he’d like me to take off my underwear and he said yes. Turning my back to him I bent over as I slipped my panties down. I was totally bent over so he could see my ass and pussy right in front of his face. I asked him if he liked it. In answer he put his hands on the sides of my hips and pulled me closer. Sitting up from the table a little bit he put his tongue in my ass returning the favor of some terrific analingus.

After a few minutes of that I wanted his cock back in my mouth. I turned around and started to suck him. I paused to ask him if he liked to eat pussy. When he said he did I removed the head rest from the table and climbed onto his face. While he was tonguing my clit I leaned forward and sucked his rock hard cock. I pulled on his ball sack and then getting his nuts I pulled on them creating space between them and his body. I massaged his still wet asshole with my finger and eventually slipped it in as I deep throated his cock. He started to play with my ass too but I told him I needed lube if he wanted to go there.

We got up and I went to wash my hands quickly. I returned and put a finger cot on his finger and got out the lube. I climbed on the massage table and while resting on my elbows and knees with my ass in the air I coached him on massaging the lube into my asshole. It felt great – he was amazingly gentle and as he got more of his finger in my ass I had him add more lube. Eventually it was sliding in and out and he was finger fucking my ass. I reached down to play with myself and my pussy was sloppy wet. I played with my clit and fucked back onto his finger. I asked him if he was imagining his cock sliding in and out of there. He said yes. I asked him if he thought he could go that slow while fucking my ass and he said he didn’t know. I said what if you lay on the table and I climb on top of you and sit on your cock with it up my ass. He said that sounded really good.

He lay on the table and I put a condom on his cock. I climbed on top and slid onto his cock with my pussy while I worked even more lube into my ass and tried to stretch it out a bit putting in first one then two fingers. Finally I couldn’t wait anymore and I lifted up slipping his cock out of my pussy. I held his cock in place and positioned it right at my asshole. I slowly started to go down on it. I had to go slow so I could relax and open up to him. As I did bit by bit I took more and more of him into me until finally I was sitting all the way down on his pelvis with his entire cock in my ass. I slowly rocked back and forth grinding my pussy against his pubic bone feeling the heat of his cock up my ass. As I became even more aroused he began rocking his hips with me intensifying the whole experience even more. I put a hand on my pussy to press harder against my clit and after a minute or two at this intensity I came hard with his cock in my ass. It was totally amazing.

Thanksgiving Massage

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I am feeling super grateful lately! I just moved into a larger apartment to use as my studio and it is super cool! Down stairs is a full living room, dining area that will be my in home office, a half bathroom and a full kitchen. Upstairs there are 2 bedrooms and 2 full bathrooms. Now for the painting and some new furniture… and viola! Beautiful new studio. Now to pick a paint color…

Okay, here’s a survey monkey survey

Click here to take survey

Hopefully I’ll be painting sometime before Christmas!

Otherwise let me know if you are local and would like to lend a hand with painting or if you happen to have and extra queen sized bed and/or massage table that needs a good home.

Alright, back to counting my blessings. I also moved residences this month. That has been super hectic as well but had to be done. I was worried at first about finding a new place since I don’t have the usual paystubs to show to qualify for a rental but ta daaa one of my clients who is a real estate investor had a condo we could rent! WoooHoooo – he smoothed through the whole qualification process for me and the fam.

Feel free to leave a note about what you are grateful for. You can find it even in the midst of great upheaval just like me!

Happy Thanksgiving!

PS – I just had to include a pic of boobs I found!

PPS – I was also inspired to put together a few breast massage videos I made for a Thanksgiving day special. Read all about it at

90 Minute Massage With The Works

Enough cannot be said about my 90 minute massage with the works appointment. I get you on the table (and yes, I have a portable one for outcall and no, I have no problems going to hotels) and I start with your back. Customizing the pressure to your preference my range is from feather touch to getting on my knees on your back. I massage the neck and head as well before I move onto your arms. I get your hands and every single part of every single finger.

Then I move to the legs doing one at a time. Each leg massage starts with the glutes. I am thorough about the thigh making sure to get the inside tendons. I might get a bit sidetracked in this area to play and pleasure a bit but then I resume my course going right back down to the calf and finish with the foot.

This all takes about an hour. By that time you are more than ready to turn over and have some attention on the front side of your body. Depending on how horny you are we might move straight to the bed. Often, I will mount you on the table.

I bring a variety of condoms with me. If you come to my studio there is a shower. I also have toys and restraints with me to cater to special requests.

Make it a sexy day,

4 Handed Massage Is Fun For A Treat!

I have had a chance a couple of times to work with another girl on a client and boy is it a ton of fun all around. Usually I am teaching them my way of doing things for when we’re mirroring each other. Then, when we are doing different things (like I am at your head and she is at your feet) then I let them do their own thing.

One of the favorites is one of us working your shoulders and neck while the other is on her knees behind you licking away as your ass. It is a sensation like no other. And for those that like receiving anal penetration… I will be behind handling your ass while the other girl opens her pussy to you for penetration whether that’s cowgirl, doggy style or missionary.

I have a new partner is submissive and lot’s of fun! I can’t wait to go on another appointment with her so hopes are high we’ll get a call today. We did a session together a few months ago before she got another job… but now she’s free!!!

Happy Independence Day!!

My Girlfriend

Hello sexy people!

I love love love what I do and I have missed blogging about it these last couple of weeks.

Here are some of the highlights:

  • I gave a massage with the works to a person with the biggest cock I’ve had so far. Uh Maze Ing. Now, I love cock of all sizes, don’t get me wrong. But it is a special treat when I get an extra large one. MMMmmm mmmm mm.
  • I had a super sexy mutual masturbation sexxion with someone in for the World Series of Poker
  • Another WSOP attendee titty fucked me – in a new way for him. He had never been on top!
  • I’ve had a couple sexxions with one client who is the best at giving me anal sex… I even had him break my girlfriends anal cherry!
  • I trained my girlfriend on prostate massage. That client was so orgasmic – the shock waves rocked him for several minutes after the climax.
  • My girlfriend and I did a tandem massage session on cousins! The two of us, the 2 of them, and 2 tables. Super Kinky!

On a personal note:

Me 6/30/11
  • I went out of town for a weekend to learn a bit about wealth. I was there with many beautiful people and was able to give my 2 vanilla roommates a bit of an education. I even had them film me while I explained what each thing in my massage bag was. I’ll be posting that soon.
  • I had my first all girl threesome. That was hot!
  • I received a Yoni Massage (also on video to be posted soon) – that’s a Tantric Vagina Massage.
  • I am getting closer to having the video website where I want it.
  • I am creating quite a buzz with my sex mentoring:) I had more signups than ever before for my last teleclass:)

Have a fun and safe holiday! I’m off to do some family stuff and wait for the calls to come in:)


Couples Massage Has Been Really Popular!

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Hi all!

Things have been really picking up for me since I moved into my new studio apartment and have been able to provide incall services. I have gone out a couple times but mostly I’ve had some really awesome people coming to see me. As for couples massages, I have been getting a ton of calls! I love it. I made a new vision board and I put a bunch of happy smiling faces of couples on it because I LOVE working with couples. I even have an appointment coming up with a gent and his wife that he doesn’t know if she wants it to be sensual or not so I get to feel her out to see if she’ll let me feel her up hahahaha. Really, what a treat! I can’t wait to see how it goes.

Business is booming and I am looking for all kinds of help so if you or anyone you know would like to volunteer/work with me here are some of the things I’m looking for:

  • An article writer: I have a lot of content I share in my videos and audios. I would love that content to be repurposed for use on my blogs and article directories.
  • Online Business Management: I am losing track of all my emails and different projects. I could use someone to help me manage all of that.
  • Various other things that can only be done by locals so email me privately if you are interested in those.

Meanwhile, I had a very fun day today:) I took some naught pictures with my girlfriend. Click here to see a sampling of them. If you want to see the naughty ones they are for sale… all 38 pics for $40. I take credit cards and paypal. All transactions show up as LV Consulting.

Have a sexy day,


2hr Massage Turned Into Anal Exploration

two different butt plugs
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My second client of the day on Tuesday was a repeat client who I really like. He has way cute eyes! Anyway, I like seeing repeat clients because I already know a lot of their likes and dislikes. I already knew he was curious about anal. Last time he was in town he’d only hired me for an hour so I had just given him his massage on the bed and then we had our play time. This time he hired me for 2 hours and I had some real fun with him! I brought my table up to the room and after totally relaxing him with a back massage I started licking his ass. Then I got out my butt plug and after covering it with a condom I gently worked it into his ass. I massaged his glutes and the backs of his thighs while he tried to keep the plug in. It did pop out a couple times but it was fun for me to put it back in;)

I got my very small dildo and after putting the condom on and lubing it up I started to slide that in and out of him. He was arching his back so much I suggested he get on his knees and elbows to take it. Which he did. He was enjoying that so much I asked him if he could take more. He said he thought so. I got the next size larger and again after putting on the rubber and the lube I slid it in and out of him.

Finally, he couldn’t stand it anymore. He rolled on his back so he could grab my ass while I massaged his cock and used the dildo on his ass. We talked about him fucking me in the ass but before I know it I’d hit him in just the right spot and he came all over my hand and his belly!

The End Of March (Madness but nothing to do with basketball;)

Sexuality and gender identity-based cultures
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God I love this blog! I love that it’s my space and my place to play and share all the wild and crazy things that are happening! Lately I’ve been so busy with the wild and crazy things I haven’t even had a chance to write about it but I couldn’t go another day without sharing some of the fun.

Thank you to all my readers, by the way. I really appreciate you and your feedback.

I think I must seem super safe to people because most of the clients I have been working with this week have never hired a gal before for a massage much less a massage with the works. Some were interested in experiencing anal for the first time. I am so excited because I got a new strap on that is really thin! The dildo is not much wider than a finger. I’d like it to be longer though…fair warning: a big booty makes anal sex difficult – I mean more difficult than normal! I even had a circumstance with a client that between my ass and his belly we couldn’t get his cock into my ass! Aw well, the oral-anal was spectacular.

Some of the more unusual appointments I’ve recently had…

  • spanking role play – I got to play mom spanking the bad 15 year old boy. That was hot! We had no sex…just re-enacted some scenarios.
  • he wanted to be forced to have sex with me (I was to force him). I really like this idea but I needed more submission from him. I was disappointed because he had a really nice cock and I didn’t get to fell it in me:(
  • spontaneous ejaculation – on a 1 hour massage with the works appointment I had finished massaging his back, had him flip over and was working his ass and hard on and surprise surprise out of nowhere it came. There was no stopping this! If you’ve had an appointment with me you know I try to save your ejaculation until the last 10 minutes of our time together.
  • My one single female client – she is so hot – but she will not give or receive oral. This was only our second time together and I think I may have found a chink in the armor. I want to taste her so bad!

I have had a little time to party though. While I don’t drink or drug I do go to swingers parties and BDSM parties. I had one fun night – there were 3 guys and 3 gals and the one throwing it was a completely submissive slut. She also has a rockin body so we had a lot of fun doing things to her both sensually and tortorously. One of the guys was an LMT so we traded massages and that was nice to be receiving.

I did get some alone time with my hubby this week. We are exploring tantric sex and orgasm control. Boy, is it fun to practice that! First, we learn the technique. Then, he/we get to practice. While he is doing these activities I am encouraging him and learning with him…That is a class I will be teaching in the future.

Speaking of classes, that is the other bit of work I’ve had on my plate. I have been developing my consulting business as the AdventurSex Mentor. I like internet marketing, web design etc. but it is time consuming! I am super excited about my upcoming event Sensual And Erotic Touch For Lovers! I am holding this event live and people can also attend virtually online via live streaming video! I’m not completely done with the landing site yet but you are welcome to look at it. If you would like to attend you can register (that part is set up;) FYI, my credit card processing is done securely through Paypal and your statement charge will be from LV Consulting in order to keep everything anonymous and discreet. Here is the landing page

As you can see I am juggling many things…haven’t even mentioned some stuff. I have had some requests for pictures. I will sell pictures but it’s a lot to handle emailing etc. If you or anyone you know would be interested in helping me out getting onto clips for sale or some picture selling site I would be most appreciative. That way for people who want pics it will be somewhat automated and much easier for me and quicker for them.

Ok you sexy people. I am off to post an ad for today so I can make some money. Then shower and hopefully some fun. If not I’ll be getting my new landing page further developed and be ready to truly start promoting the event.

Make it a sexy day!