Happy Independence Day!!

My Girlfriend

Hello sexy people!

I love love love what I do and I have missed blogging about it these last couple of weeks.

Here are some of the highlights:

  • I gave a massage with the works to a person with the biggest cock I’ve had so far. Uh Maze Ing. Now, I love cock of all sizes, don’t get me wrong. But it is a special treat when I get an extra large one. MMMmmm mmmm mm.
  • I had a super sexy mutual masturbation sexxion with someone in for the World Series of Poker
  • Another WSOP attendee titty fucked me – in a new way for him. He had never been on top!
  • I’ve had a couple sexxions with one client who is the best at giving me anal sex… I even had him break my girlfriends anal cherry!
  • I trained my girlfriend on prostate massage. That client was so orgasmic – the shock waves rocked him for several minutes after the climax.
  • My girlfriend and I did a tandem massage session on cousins! The two of us, the 2 of them, and 2 tables. Super Kinky!

On a personal note:

Me 6/30/11
  • I went out of town for a weekend to learn a bit about wealth. I was there with many beautiful people and was able to give my 2 vanilla roommates a bit of an education. I even had them film me while I explained what each thing in my massage bag was. I’ll be posting that soon.
  • I had my first all girl threesome. That was hot!
  • I received a Yoni Massage (also on video to be posted soon) – that’s a Tantric Vagina Massage.
  • I am getting closer to having the video website where I want it.
  • I am creating quite a buzz with my sex mentoring:) I had more signups than ever before for my last teleclass:)

Have a fun and safe holiday! I’m off to do some family stuff and wait for the calls to come in:)


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