4 Handed Massage Is Fun For A Treat!

I have had a chance a couple of times to work with another girl on a client and boy is it a ton of fun all around. Usually I am teaching them my way of doing things for when we’re mirroring each other. Then, when we are doing different things (like I am at your head and she is at your feet) then I let them do their own thing.

One of the favorites is one of us working your shoulders and neck while the other is on her knees behind you licking away as your ass. It is a sensation like no other. And for those that like receiving anal penetration… I will be behind handling your ass while the other girl opens her pussy to you for penetration whether that’s cowgirl, doggy style or missionary.

I have a new partner is submissive and lot’s of fun! I can’t wait to go on another appointment with her so hopes are high we’ll get a call today. We did a session together a few months ago before she got another job… but now she’s free!!!

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