2hr Massage Turned Into Anal Exploration

two different butt plugs
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My second client of the day on Tuesday was a repeat client who I really like. He has way cute eyes! Anyway, I like seeing repeat clients because I already know a lot of their likes and dislikes. I already knew he was curious about anal. Last time he was in town he’d only hired me for an hour so I had just given him his massage on the bed and then we had our play time. This time he hired me for 2 hours and I had some real fun with him! I brought my table up to the room and after totally relaxing him with a back massage I started licking his ass. Then I got out my butt plug and after covering it with a condom I gently worked it into his ass. I massaged his glutes and the backs of his thighs while he tried to keep the plug in. It did pop out a couple times but it was fun for me to put it back in;)

I got my very small dildo and after putting the condom on and lubing it up I started to slide that in and out of him. He was arching his back so much I suggested he get on his knees and elbows to take it. Which he did. He was enjoying that so much I asked him if he could take more. He said he thought so. I got the next size larger and again after putting on the rubber and the lube I slid it in and out of him.

Finally, he couldn’t stand it anymore. He rolled on his back so he could grab my ass while I massaged his cock and used the dildo on his ass. We talked about him fucking me in the ass but before I know it I’d hit him in just the right spot and he came all over my hand and his belly!