Spring Is In The Air And I Am A Horny Girl

Nikki Ivana, BBW Escort, Las Vegas Escort, GFE, Fetish, 702.236.1975, 702-236-1975, 7022361975I am so happy to be able to do what I love for a living!  Something has been going on with me – I am just about insatiable when it comes to sex!  Sometimes I feel like I could have 10 men and still want more.

I’m also having lots of fun with sensation play and role play.  Specialty sessions with people who want to learn about their own sexuality or have some cherries popped.  The nervous curiosity is a huge turn on for me!!!  That’s why I love breaking cherries:)

I’m off to tackle my to-do list for the day – lots of errands today.  Then if I have time I’m going to work on www.NikkisLessons.com – I’ve made a lot of updates and added a few new videos so go check them out.  In those videos I demonstrate slow oral sex.  One is a thank you blow job (bbbj) where I also play with his testicles and give a lot of external prostate stimulation.  The other is a very playful session with an old friend of mine.  Lots of teasing!

Enjoy!Nikki Ivana, BBW Escort, Las Vegas Escort, GFE, Fetish, 702.236.1975, 702-236-1975, 7022361975

Thanks for visiting my site – Las Vegas Masseuse – I love Las Vegas and I love being an escort here. I’m super grateful to have connected with BBW Lovers, super kinky folks, and fans of all types of full body sensual massage (FBSM). Just in case you don’t have it handy, my number is 702-236-1975. Text is best since I don’t always make it to my voicemail in a timely manner.

Prostate Massage With Light Domination

He wanted to explore being a little submissive.  We started with some back massage and talked until I became completely clear on what his desires were.

I massaged his glutes and thighs.  I slipped my hands between his ass cheeks pulling them from front to back over and over.  I massaged all around his sits bones and both his sphincters.  I rubbed up and down his tail bone and sacrum paying special attention to the notches I could feel there.  I stroked down his perineum toward his scrotum using an extremely gentle and teasing touch arousing him to the point where he was lifting his pelvis and sticking his ass in the air.

I spread his ass cheeks and licked his entire anal area.  I did sweet circles around his sphincter and long wet strokes from the base of his scrotum to the tip of his tail bone.  I pulled his cock down so it was pointing the same direction as his legs.  I nibbled on his scrotum, sucked pulling the testicles inside into my mouth one at a time at first then both together.

Leaving a wet trail of saliva as I went, I tongued my way down to the tip of his cock.  I spent extra time swirling my tongue around the sweet spot at the back of the head before taking the entire head of his cock into my mouth and alternately sucking it and swirling my tongue all the way around it and sticking the tip of my tongue in the slit.

I went back to licking in between his ass cheeks as I put on gloves.  Once they were on I slowly teased his outer sphincter, pressing in every direction, slowly sinking my finger tip in to the first knuckle.  I applied more oil and using my fingertip I pushed it into his anus again and again making sure every fold was completely lubricated.

Sinking my finger deeper, I curled it around his tailbone and massaged his sacrum from the inside.  I tugged on his cock with my other hand as I stroked the back wall of his ass.  I slowly rotated my finger stopping frequently to stroke the walls of his pelvic floor.  Eventually my finger came to his prostate.  I pressed in against his prostate, then I swirled my finger around the edges of it massaging it from all angles.

I was ready to work on his cock some more so I had him role onto his back.

I massaged the front of his thighs, his entire groin area (avoiding his cock) and his abdomen.  Finally my fingers reached his hard cock and gently and teasingly I explored every part of it finding where he was most sensitive and responsive.  Then I lowered my face so my mouth was right in front of his dick head and opened my mouth and exhaled warm wet breath onto it as I watched his face.  As my exhale ended he relaxed his head back onto the table.  The anticipation had built to a breaking point.

Opening even wider I sunk my head down until his cock was as deep as it could go down my throat.  Then I carefully wrapped my lips, cheeks and tongue around it and started bobbing up and down.  At the same time I pressed my finger into his asshole and pressed into his prostate.  He was enjoying it so much I slowly added a second finger.  He felt like I was totally stuffing his ass but he was so aroused that it felt good.  While I continued using my mouth to slobber and slide up and down his cock I used my fingers to alternately finger fuck him, massage his tailbone and massage his prostate.

He said he liked eating pussy so I stopped what I was doing, walked to the head of the massage table and climbed up, placing my pussy in front of his eager face.  I was completely swollen and wet and as I straddled his face it was easy for him to find my clit.  He did an excellent job of tonguing me as I leaned forward and sucked his cock.  I also reached up and put a finger in his ass.

The erotic energy was building and I could tell he was approaching an orgasmic state.  I told him he had to ask before he could cum.  About a minute later he asked.  I said no.  I sat up, still on his face and rubbed all around his groin area and told him to relax his legs and feet.

Then I went back to sucking and finger fucking.  Shortly he asked me again as his legs were getting more and more tense.  This time I got up and got my straps and strapped his legs to the table in and open position.  After a few minutes I was satisfied he would not be able to pull his knees together or straighten his legs no matter what.

I climbed back on his face, leaned over and took his cock in my mouth and put my fingers in his ass.  Then I began to slowly and rhythmically bob my head up and down for tip to base while simultaneously sliding my finger all the way out of his ass then all the way in pressing into the prostate.

The tension built again and this time his legs were straining against the straps.  He started bucking his pelvis up and down, slowly at first but then I gave him permission to cum and he started pumping away fucking up into my mouth until he blew a huge amount of cum into my mouth.  I didn’t stop sucking or finger fucking him and as he fucked in and out of my mouth the cum dribbled down his cock and down making a sticky hot mess.  Finally he relaxed, spent, and I released his cock from my mouth and removed my finger from his ass.


The Right Way To Spend A Sunday Afternoon

Wow this month has been smoking hot busy!  So busy that I haven’t had a chance to write about all the sexy fun I’ve been having…

Today was fantastic!  I knew my friend was super excited to meet me – I had suggested one time for and appointment and he told me about how he had been reading my site and was really looking forward to seeing me so I agreed to come directly as soon as I could.

One thing that I think is totally hot is coming into the room and when the energy is right we start kissing and hugging and rubbing each other all over.  Quickly I’m on my knees blowing him and I only just met him minutes before.  I also usually get really wet when sucking cock so this is a great way to start…

We went to the bed and I took off my dress saying I didn’t want to get pre-cum on it.  He was on his back and I leaned forward sucking on his nipples and then kissing him while grinding against his hard cock.

He rolled me onto my back and kissed his way down my body taking time at each nipple.  When he got to my pussy he gently pulled my pussy lips open and tenderly with the most gentle pressure licked my pussy tracing my labia and clit with long wet strokes of his tongue.

Pushing my legs up and spreading my ass cheeks he licked my ass and that got me even hotter and I had to reach down and rub my clit.  I was grinding my pelvis against him and he came back up to lick my pussy.

I asked for his cock in my mouth again so he knelt next to my face and let me suck on him while I played with myself.  He pulled back after a minute, not wanting to cum too quick.

I got up and guided him to lean forward so I could lick his ass.  I was on my knees behind him with my face in his ass playing with myself and that is how I had a nice strong clitoral orgasm.

We lay resting for a bit until I was ready to give him his massage.  I set up the table and had him lay face down.

I gave him a nice medium pressure massage on his back getting him nice and relaxed.  I took my gloves and gently caressed him up and down his body with the gloves – they created a silky feeling he really enjoyed .

I put them on and rubbed oil all over his ass cheeks and thighs using a variety of strokes giving him all kinds of sensations.  He was enjoying it so much!  I slowly worked my finger in and massaged his pelvis from the inside a full 360 degrees.

I spent time on his prostate and he fucked back against my fingers and ground his pelvis corkscrewing it around so my finger would rub in circles around his prostate.  I slipped a second finger in and fucked him that way until he was ready to turn onto his back.

With him on his back I massage his entire groin area with a variety of strokes.  I spent time giving his cock lots of gentle loving touch.  He was aroused to the point of being rock hard.  I worked my way down rubbing the hard base of his cock behind his balls and the area where his legs met his body.

Again I finger fucked his ass.  As he was getting more and more into it I closed my fingers into a circle around the base of his ball sac and pulled it away from his body.  I added a finger and continued to finger his ass and rub his prostate as I took his cock into my mouth.

He continued to enjoy it more and more and to push him over the edge I slipped a third finger into his ass.  He looked up in surprise and I mirrored it back to him playfully letting him know that I knew what I was doing that he could take it.

I put my mouth on his cock again and began to suck and finger fuck him more rhythmically.  He alternated between thrusting his pelvis up and putting one hand on each side of my head to guide it up and down his shaft at the perfect speed.

He came as he was thrusting up into my mouth and I felt his ass spasm around my fingers and his prostate got to it’s largest.  He came for a long time.  As his waves of orgasm subsided he said this was an intense orgasm and he really liked the build up.  I told him to relax and he said he didn’t think he could do much else.  I stood next to him with my hand on his heart for almost 10 minutes as he drifted in bliss.


Nothing Like a Canadian to Break a Drought

Wow. I went through a dry spell and then was totally slammed. Good because now I have some new material!

Sunday night I got to go see a client at Harrah’s Casino. It was kind of cool…we had been corresponding for about 2 weeks. He’d read this blog. I was really looking forward to meeting him with all the build up of anticipation! And then his plane was late and I was wondering if it would happen.

Finally it did. I’m so glad he went the extra mile and tried to reach me on the google IM! So I headed over even though it was already 9:30. I got to his room and he was freshly showered just the way I like! I brought in my table and we moved some furniture around. Then he got on the table and we began the massage.

He was so nice. Great to talk to as well. We talked about kids, spouses, vanilla sex and alternative lifestyles. I told him about my fetish services and some of the experiences I’ve had. The most awesome thing was the ass play I got to do to him. He got so freakin hot! He even got on his knees and elbows so I would have a better angle. What made it even hotter was I got on the table behind him and while I finger fucked his ass I reached forward with my other hand and tugged and rubbed his penis. I love being in that position! I love the view. I love the access it gives me. And then he even started calling me Mistress – which if you don’t know about S&M, he was giving me even more power over him, addressing me with a title. He may have not even known that consciously. I drove him right to the brink – 2x – and then continued my massage down the rest of his leg.

He rolled over to lay on his back and as I got to the end of his massage I did a move on his scrotum that made him do a double take because he said it felt like I was licking his nutsack. I know that must have felt really good! I continued to play with his cock and balls until he was near climax again and at that point I stuck my finger in his ass and got to feel as the spasms of orgasm and ejaculation tore through him.

He told me it was the most intense orgasm he’d ever had and thanked his Mistress.

I thought this was the hottest pic that came up for the Canadian flag search!

Scrotum Massage

Wow – I look at what search terms bring people to my blog and this was used 2x today already! I knew there was an interest…

I had a client once that said he’d been to Bangkok and that there were tons of massage parlors everywhere that offered all kinds of different massage. One that he had gotten was a ball massage for 1 hr. I didn’t realize it felt that good that it could be massaged for an hour. I mean, I’ve always massaged it but it’s never been a focus. I’ve tended to focus more on the “sacred spot” between the nuts and the asshole and massaging the stalk of the cock through the ballsack. I do play with it, rub it, tug gently on it etc.

I’ve had some clients with fetishes request I get rough with it.

So there ya go. I do scrotum massage. But if you want me to spend more time there you’ll have to let me know.