Las Vegas Masseuse now doing webcam shows!

Nikki Ivana, Mature, BBW Escort, Las Vegas Escort, GFE, Fetish, 702.236.1975, 702-236-1975, 7022361975Hi!  Happy September everyone:)  I’m very happy summer is ending and the temperatures here in Las Vegas are going down a little bit.

I started a new project a couple of weeks ago – webcamming!  I’m excited for a few reasons –

  • I’ll have more content for my coaching site
  • I’m getting to do it with my boyfriend and that’s lots of fun (I’ve tried webcamming before and did not love it)
  • It’ll be another great way for us to stay connected!  You can ‘follow’ me on chaturbate at by clicking here.

It’s a cool opportunity for me to show off some of my skills:

  • cock massage
  • cock worship
  • anal massage
  • squirting
  • and other things…

Right now we are going ‘on air’ a couple times a week.  Sessions always take priority so it’s not super consistent.  We are putting up recordings of our show though  so if you are curious you could click here to check it out.  Right now there is a clip of me getting spanked (even though in my sessions I’m the one usually doing the spanking LOL)

A Note About Verification

I love meeting with new friends, however, I do need to put safety and efficiency first.  Here is the process for scheduling a session with me:

1.  Text me at 7022361975 or email me at and let me know

2.  I will need to verify who you are.  This is most easily done by getting a reference from a previous provider.

If for some reason you do not have a reference the next best thing is a deposit.  Putting down a deposit could also save you some money.  Click here to see my early booking incentives for full service sessions.  I can take deposits with venmo, cashapp, or zelle.

Additionally, I will need your room number and the name you are registered under so I can call and verify you through the hotel operator.  This is a requirement for all in room appointments (in room massage, in room entertainment, aka outcall).

If you are coming to me or you are a local I will want to either message with you on facebook and/or meet you at a coffee shop or bar before our session.

We all need to be very careful.  I am as transparent as I can be.  I understand that your privacy and discretion is invaluable.  So is my safety.  Please understand that if you cannot be verified then I will not be able to meet with you.


True Girl Friend Experience With The Las Vegas Masseuse

Las Vegas GFE, prostate massage, prostate milking, full body sensual massage, fbsm Las Vegas, Las Vegas Masseuse, Las Vegas Escort, 7022361975
I love it when I get to have an exquisite experience with a client/friend.  I had the most in 1 month ever this month.  It really is like a date for the two of us.  Completely unrushed.  There is something about the quality of a block of unscheduled time together that allows both of us to open more fully into the present and therefore experience more pleasure and intimacy than a shorter session will allow.

We meet at your hotel room or my incall location near the convention center.  I always wear a tasteful dress and heels.  You can request any kind of lingerie or clothing.

We can talk for a bit with a cup of coffee or a glass of wine (I like red) and get to know each other better (or reconnect if we have already met). I like to have some sexy time right away since anticipation for the meeting runs high.  I was able to pop someone’s prostate massage cherry and even have him climax through anal stimulation only right after our time together began!

I do like to break up our time with doing some activity outside the room.  Going out for dinner and drinks or some entertainment is great.  Then we go back to the room for more sensual fun.  If there’s a jacuzzi tub then we can spend some time soaking in that.  If you are wanting any kind of fetish play we can go deep into it and really explore your boundaries.

If you want to go to a swingers club or a strip club those are fun options too!  Or see about hiring another girl to join us…

Please let me know if you have any questions about booking an Exquisite Experience.  It’s always best to book in advance and put down a deposit as I rarely have that type of time available on my schedule the same day.  I’d love to have an unrushed GFE full service session that may include anal massage and prostate massage and prostate milking.  I can come to your hotel room on the strip or you can come to my incall location close to the Las Vegas Convention Center.  Make sure to let me know in advance if you have any special requests for clothing or fetish play so I can be prepared with the correct toys and tools. 



Prostate Massage Turned Prostate Milking Session With The Las Vegas Masseuse

prostate massage, prostate milking, full body sensual massage, fbsm Las Vegas, Las Vegas Masseuse, Las Vegas Escort, 7022361975I love it when I can lead someone through a new experience!  It was so intense to hold him on the edge of climax as I massaged his prostate.  I would stroke his cock until he was just about to cum then stop and focus on his prostate, milking his prostate until the peak of sensation passed.

He got so turned on he decided mid-session to switch from a full body sensual massage session to a massage plus session so he could see my breasts and feel them.  His touch felt so good!

Text me, Nikki the Las Vegas Masseuse, to set up a session:)  702.236.1975

I offer in room massage.  I can also host at my incall location.  I’m happy to see couples for couples massage as well.  I also give female happy endings!  Did you know that G-spot massage is extremely similar to prostate massage?  It is:)

A Nice Gentleman That Really Just Wanted to Play

Now, this is just fine with me…I’m not complaining. In fact it’s a lot less work for me!

First, he asked if I could give him a 2 hour appointment. I said that I could but that it was a long time…could he tell me about what he liked and any of his fetishes?

He said he was much more interested in the pleasure side of things, did not like the torture/pain. Was more dominant himself and so wouldn’t want to be dominated by me. By the end of our conversation I had some good ideas and I told him I was looking forward to meeting him.

I got to go to the Aria for his appointment. I think that is one beautiful property! I went up to his room and he was nice and clean and ready for our appointment. I had him start out face down like I do with everybody. But instead of getting the oil and starting to rub him I got my long feather duster and caressed it up and down his body. Slow and luxurious, with added pressure at times, over every exposed inch. He even opened his legs up so I could get all the way up to where the leg meets the body. Then I started to use my other hand to caress with a very light touch as well. He was still dry with no oil. After doing that for a time I got out my suede flogger. I dragged it all over his body at times shaking it and twirling it, sometimes giving a soft slap. I know that slap feels good because with that flogger more than anything you feel air moving against you.

Then he told me he was ready to roll over. And yes, he was sure he wanted to do that before I massaged his back. I stroked the front of his body with the flogger and he began to stoke his cock. Now, if you’ve read my stories you already know I’m a perv. Well, this is one thing that I really like to see – a man masturbating. The other thing that gets me off is gay male erotica. So, my client is asking me about all the things I’ve done as a Domme and says one of his fantasies – even though he’s straight – is to get a massage by a man and get a blowjob from him at the end! Now that got me excited. So we began a conversation of how this would happen. The only massage my client wanted from that time on was prostate massage while we talked face to face. We talked about him hiring a partner of mine and us putting on a 2 girl show for him. We talked about going to the Green Door together and finding a submissive man or couple to for him to play with and me possibly play with the girl.

It was so hot! We did this for the rest of the 2 hours! His time came to an end and he came very nicely.
I can only hope we get to make some of his fantasies come true!

This is the kind of feather duster I used

Nothing Like a Canadian to Break a Drought

Wow. I went through a dry spell and then was totally slammed. Good because now I have some new material!

Sunday night I got to go see a client at Harrah’s Casino. It was kind of cool…we had been corresponding for about 2 weeks. He’d read this blog. I was really looking forward to meeting him with all the build up of anticipation! And then his plane was late and I was wondering if it would happen.

Finally it did. I’m so glad he went the extra mile and tried to reach me on the google IM! So I headed over even though it was already 9:30. I got to his room and he was freshly showered just the way I like! I brought in my table and we moved some furniture around. Then he got on the table and we began the massage.

He was so nice. Great to talk to as well. We talked about kids, spouses, vanilla sex and alternative lifestyles. I told him about my fetish services and some of the experiences I’ve had. The most awesome thing was the ass play I got to do to him. He got so freakin hot! He even got on his knees and elbows so I would have a better angle. What made it even hotter was I got on the table behind him and while I finger fucked his ass I reached forward with my other hand and tugged and rubbed his penis. I love being in that position! I love the view. I love the access it gives me. And then he even started calling me Mistress – which if you don’t know about S&M, he was giving me even more power over him, addressing me with a title. He may have not even known that consciously. I drove him right to the brink – 2x – and then continued my massage down the rest of his leg.

He rolled over to lay on his back and as I got to the end of his massage I did a move on his scrotum that made him do a double take because he said it felt like I was licking his nutsack. I know that must have felt really good! I continued to play with his cock and balls until he was near climax again and at that point I stuck my finger in his ass and got to feel as the spasms of orgasm and ejaculation tore through him.

He told me it was the most intense orgasm he’d ever had and thanked his Mistress.

I thought this was the hottest pic that came up for the Canadian flag search!