A Nice Gentleman That Really Just Wanted to Play

Now, this is just fine with me…I’m not complaining. In fact it’s a lot less work for me!

First, he asked if I could give him a 2 hour appointment. I said that I could but that it was a long time…could he tell me about what he liked and any of his fetishes?

He said he was much more interested in the pleasure side of things, did not like the torture/pain. Was more dominant himself and so wouldn’t want to be dominated by me. By the end of our conversation I had some good ideas and I told him I was looking forward to meeting him.

I got to go to the Aria for his appointment. I think that is one beautiful property! I went up to his room and he was nice and clean and ready for our appointment. I had him start out face down like I do with everybody. But instead of getting the oil and starting to rub him I got my long feather duster and caressed it up and down his body. Slow and luxurious, with added pressure at times, over every exposed inch. He even opened his legs up so I could get all the way up to where the leg meets the body. Then I started to use my other hand to caress with a very light touch as well. He was still dry with no oil. After doing that for a time I got out my suede flogger. I dragged it all over his body at times shaking it and twirling it, sometimes giving a soft slap. I know that slap feels good because with that flogger more than anything you feel air moving against you.

Then he told me he was ready to roll over. And yes, he was sure he wanted to do that before I massaged his back. I stroked the front of his body with the flogger and he began to stoke his cock. Now, if you’ve read my stories you already know I’m a perv. Well, this is one thing that I really like to see – a man masturbating. The other thing that gets me off is gay male erotica. So, my client is asking me about all the things I’ve done as a Domme and says one of his fantasies – even though he’s straight – is to get a massage by a man and get a blowjob from him at the end! Now that got me excited. So we began a conversation of how this would happen. The only massage my client wanted from that time on was prostate massage while we talked face to face. We talked about him hiring a partner of mine and us putting on a 2 girl show for him. We talked about going to the Green Door together and finding a submissive man or couple to for him to play with and me possibly play with the girl.

It was so hot! We did this for the rest of the 2 hours! His time came to an end and he came very nicely.
I can only hope we get to make some of his fantasies come true!

This is the kind of feather duster I used

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