Nothing Like a Canadian to Break a Drought

Wow. I went through a dry spell and then was totally slammed. Good because now I have some new material!

Sunday night I got to go see a client at Harrah’s Casino. It was kind of cool…we had been corresponding for about 2 weeks. He’d read this blog. I was really looking forward to meeting him with all the build up of anticipation! And then his plane was late and I was wondering if it would happen.

Finally it did. I’m so glad he went the extra mile and tried to reach me on the google IM! So I headed over even though it was already 9:30. I got to his room and he was freshly showered just the way I like! I brought in my table and we moved some furniture around. Then he got on the table and we began the massage.

He was so nice. Great to talk to as well. We talked about kids, spouses, vanilla sex and alternative lifestyles. I told him about my fetish services and some of the experiences I’ve had. The most awesome thing was the ass play I got to do to him. He got so freakin hot! He even got on his knees and elbows so I would have a better angle. What made it even hotter was I got on the table behind him and while I finger fucked his ass I reached forward with my other hand and tugged and rubbed his penis. I love being in that position! I love the view. I love the access it gives me. And then he even started calling me Mistress – which if you don’t know about S&M, he was giving me even more power over him, addressing me with a title. He may have not even known that consciously. I drove him right to the brink – 2x – and then continued my massage down the rest of his leg.

He rolled over to lay on his back and as I got to the end of his massage I did a move on his scrotum that made him do a double take because he said it felt like I was licking his nutsack. I know that must have felt really good! I continued to play with his cock and balls until he was near climax again and at that point I stuck my finger in his ass and got to feel as the spasms of orgasm and ejaculation tore through him.

He told me it was the most intense orgasm he’d ever had and thanked his Mistress.

I thought this was the hottest pic that came up for the Canadian flag search!

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