Super Busy With Interesting Clients

this post is purely fictional and provided solely for entertainment value

I have been SOOOO busy! I’ve had a few really interesting clients since the last time I wrote.

The most recent was last night at the Venetian. Very nice guy! I’m excited because he said he will be in town for a week and may call me every day. We ended up having a super hot session – When I got to massaging his glutes and groin he was loving it so much I just stayed there and before I new it the hour was up! I got so turned on doing that to him I had to masturbate in the parking lot!

My most interesting client though was staying at the Excalibur. He was a beefy black man originally from New Orleans. He got on my table and everything started innocently enough. Then he started asking if I would massage certain parts of his body. It was yes yes yes until he asked if I could massage his prostate. I said yes as long as you’re clean. Before I know it he was butt up in the air. He started telling me he would really like some verbal domination. And he told me about his fetish of smelling feet. I did my best! He hired me for 2 appointments. The hardest part was he wanted racial talk – he said this was the only situation where he liked to be called names and talked down to. I was the first time in my life I ever called someone nigger. Pretty wild!

I had a nice guy from Orange County who was staying at the Four Seasons. Such a gorgeous hotel! He (like many of my clients) really liked my talk about women and what I like to do with them. And what my hubby and I do when we swing.

I had my favorite job yet. An older gentleman from Jersey hired me for 2 full days to basically hang out. Yes, I did some in room massage. Then we went to the topless pool at The Mirage called Bare. I gave him shoulder massages on demand. Oh so awesome looking at all the pretty titties! He treated me to lunch and dinner and then we went out to strip clubs. I love womens bodies!!! I love it when you get a really good stripper and they grind in all the right places! Then at the end of the second day he hired 2 gals from the body rub section of and for the first time I had my own sensual massage with a happy ending. I did exchange phone #’s with the girl who rubbed me and took her out to a 3 am breakfast when the day was over. We talked about hooking up but it hasn’t happened yet and it’s almost been a week. I don’t know if it will work out. Keep ya posted.

Now off to a busy day. Thank God my hubby gave me an Epsom Salt rub down last night! Otherwise I’d be too sore to move today!

this post is purely fictional and provided solely for entertainment value

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