Spring Is In The Air And I Am A Horny Girl

Nikki Ivana, BBW Escort, Las Vegas Escort, GFE, Fetish, 702.236.1975, 702-236-1975, 7022361975I am so happy to be able to do what I love for a living!  Something has been going on with me – I am just about insatiable when it comes to sex!  Sometimes I feel like I could have 10 men and still want more.

I’m also having lots of fun with sensation play and role play.  Specialty sessions with people who want to learn about their own sexuality or have some cherries popped.  The nervous curiosity is a huge turn on for me!!!  That’s why I love breaking cherries:)

I’m off to tackle my to-do list for the day – lots of errands today.  Then if I have time I’m going to work on www.NikkisLessons.com – I’ve made a lot of updates and added a few new videos so go check them out.  In those videos I demonstrate slow oral sex.  One is a thank you blow job (bbbj) where I also play with his testicles and give a lot of external prostate stimulation.  The other is a very playful session with an old friend of mine.  Lots of teasing!

Enjoy!Nikki Ivana, BBW Escort, Las Vegas Escort, GFE, Fetish, 702.236.1975, 702-236-1975, 7022361975

Thanks for visiting my site – Las Vegas Masseuse – I love Las Vegas and I love being an escort here. I’m super grateful to have connected with BBW Lovers, super kinky folks, and fans of all types of full body sensual massage (FBSM). Just in case you don’t have it handy, my number is 702-236-1975. Text is best since I don’t always make it to my voicemail in a timely manner.

Pantyhose Fetish, Foot Fetish and Body Worship

white thigh high panty hoseYesterday I had 2 very hot sessions.  One with a kinky friend of mine.  He put on pantyhose and a hospital gown and I got dressed up like a nurse.  His prescription was watching porn with me while rubbing my feet as I rubbed all over his legs making the our nylons vibrate with the friction, teasing his hard cock, running my feet up and down the front of his torso and his face.  We went to the bedroom where we had amazing slow sex.  I came several times on his cock before I got on top of him and rode him to completion.  We still had plenty of time left so I massaged him and teased him getting him all turned on again to the point where he was on his hands and knees and I was reaching from behind him through his legs massaging his cock and fingering his asshole.  After that yes, he fucked me again.

I had the opportunity to meet with another friend at the Aria.  He was also submissive.  First, we took a shower together and I gave him a super sensual golden shower as he held me against him.  Once we were out and dried off we moved to the bed where I instructed him to worship every inch of my body, giving step by step directions as he started at my toes and worked his way up the backs of my legs to my ass.  I had him lick my ass crack and rosebud until my pussy was nice and wet.  Then I turned onto my back and made him service me orally until I thought his neck might need a break.  So, I had him lay on his back and I sat on his face looking at his dick and alternated between pressing myself onto his face and leaning over and rewarding him with lots of licking and sucking.  He did such a good job that I had him lay on his stomach so I could massage his ass and his prostate.  When he was ready I had him lay on his back, bound his legs so they were spread, put a dildo in his ass, and rode his cock.  After a little while I took his cock up my ass and fucked myself with a big dildo.  When we were ready we took a short break.  Then I rode his face some more and played with him getting him super hard.  Putting on a condom, I used his cock to make my pussy feel so good and talked dirty to him until he lost control and came with serious intensity.

Wooo!  I love my work!

Spring Is In The Air

Nikki Ivana 7022361975I feel many different forms of love and spring time makes them all more vivid.  I love you as a human being and as a lover.  I enjoy bringing a certain amount of tenderness with me to our time together – vulnerability that matches yours and allows for a deeper more intimate connection.

Of course I love all the pleasurable sensations you give me – kissing me and licking me all over, pressing your hardness into my softness – and the sensation I feel coming off your body in waves as I touch you in a hundred different ways building for an intense climax – possibly the most intense orgasm you’ve ever had.


Sensitive Sex | Tight Foreskin | Xmas Present For Wife

I love taking time with you.  With your cock.  To feel it completely – with my hands, my mouth, my pussy.  I like to go slow so you can feel every inch of me, feel the tension building, feel the penetration.  For the time that we are together I open to you – my arms, my mouth, my legs, and my heart.  I enjoy playing with you and letting you play with me.  Play we can only do in bed or on the massage table.  Sometimes play in ways we hate to love.  Exposing ourselves to each other.  Doing things together that many people wouldn’t understand.  The more vulnerable we become with each other the more intense it gets.  We explore and experiment and do new things.  Cherries popped, we near climax, and it’s hot and sweaty and messy and sticky.  We cum, clean up, and cuddle a bit before returning to reality.

I had two amazing clients this week.  One I was able to help with a foreskin issue.  He had so much fun he had me come back with Telly for another session.  We played with the head of his dick by sticking our tongues into the small opening of his foreskin and gently tonguing the super sensitive never before been exposed glans of his penis.  We licked each other in every combination possible.  We shared 3 way kisses and that is what brought me to the edge – playing with my own pussy and sharing a 3 way french kiss with the 2 of them.  When I was ready to explode Telly moved down to suck on his cock and I put my pussy on his mouth and came all over his face.  A few moments later I hear him asking where did it go?  He had cum – and Telly had swallowed it!  So intense!

My second amazing client of the week was actually a couple.  We met at the bar where I “picked her up”.  We chatted, flirted heavily, and they invited me to their room.  I did a sweet strip tease and they were kind enough to take some pictures of me in my new bra, panties and boots.  I was an early Christmas present for her.  He sat and watched as I massaged her from head to toe taking extra time to lick her sexy asshole and finger her pussy.  When she was on her back I put gloves on and penetrated her asshole nice and slow with one hand while I opened up her pussy with the other.  Using lots of lube and slow consistent penetration I gave her all she could take.  She rolled through peak after peak with me deep inside her.  We paused for a moment letting the pleasure wash over her.  When the time was right I began again this time pulling toward me with two fingers on her g-spot.  She squirted out her cum again and again shooting ejaculate at me with enough force to reach my belly (she said it was a first for her to get some projection – before then it had only been gushes).  Finally she could take no more and we rested and cleaned up before I massaged him.

I am so grateful for my skills and techniques that seem to come so intuitively and that I have the opportunity to practice them often:)

New Pics!

Nikki Ivana, 7022361975, Las Vegas Masseuse, Las Vegas Escort Nikki Ivana, 7022361975, Las Vegas Masseuse, Las Vegas Escort Nikki Ivana, 7022361975, Las Vegas Masseuse, Las Vegas Escort Nikki Ivana, 7022361975, Las Vegas Masseuse, Las Vegas Escort







Oily Fun

man massageI set up the massage table and got started with the massage.  He and I talked about business, swinging and new year’s resolutions.  It was nice because we really clicked.

As I finished his first thigh I massaged his groin, pulling my hands from the front side of his groin to his back side in long, slow, firm strokes.  I pressed especially hard on his sit bones while inadvertently grazing his ass crack and asshole.  I saw that he liked it because he spread his legs wider and tilted his pelvis a bit.  With each stroke I got closer and closer to the center of the crack of his ass until my stroke was beginning at the head of his cock, covering his ball sack and running up the crack of his ass to finish just past his tail bone.

Just when his cock was completely rock hard and he was starting to squirm on the table I left the area to work on his calf and foot.  I moved to his other leg and after massaging his glute and thigh I worked my way into his ass crack again to the point of him wiggling a bit.  Stopping, I moved to finish his calf and foot.

I grabbed a hand towel and told him I had to remove a little excess oil.  I wiped off his butt cheeks and the inside of his ass crack.  Climbing on the table behind him in between his legs I put one hand on each cheek and gently spread him open.  After teasing first by blowing cool air and then opening my mouth wide and exhaling warm breath air right onto his asshole, I started kissing the entire area with light little pecks.  Then I began to gently lfoot massageick the area, softly at first, covering the whole area with saliva.  As I became more aroused I used my tongue more and more firmly and directly on the rosebud of his ass.  Swirling, going up and down and side to side, stopping to suck and bite on his ass cheeks, I let him hear my pleasure with moans.

When I’d had enough I got up and got out the gloves.  I trailed them along his body very slowly to give a feather light strokes.  I spent extra time around the buttocks.  I stuck my tongue into his ass crack again as I pulled each glove on.  Getting my gloved hands oiled up, I massaged the anus all around the opening.  Covering my finger with lube I slowly worked it in.  He didn’t enjoy the deeper probing and massaging so I stayed shallow and used my other hand to massage his cock.

After awhile I had him turn onto his back.  He had gone partially soft as all his attention was on his anus.  Using my mouth I got his dick completely covered with saliva and then slowly started moving my lips up and down his shaft.  As soon as he came to a full erection I stopped and began to massage the front of his leg.  When I was finished with the first leg he had gone a little soft again so once again I used my mouth to gently and slowly get him hard.  He talked about how he enjoyed feeling my boobs on his leg.

Once I finished massaging his leg I rubbed oil all over his groin, belly and chefellatio_smallst.  Climbing on the massage table and coming up between his legs I got on my hands and knees and hovered above him.   I slowly lowered my breasts against his groin and began to grind my chest in all different directions.  Lowering my torso more, I pressed up, sliding up his belly and chest until I could feel his hard cock pressing into my belly.  I gyrated against him randomly licking and biting his chest and neck.  He told me to stop or he would cum.  I held still and asked him if he would like another position.  He wanted the same booby/body rub but on his back side.

He flipped over to lay on his stomach.  I poured oil all over his back and spread oil all over my boobs and belly.  Starting from where his head lay, I climbed onto the table, sliding my breasts down his back starting at his shoulders.  As my torso lined up completely with his I had one knee planted on each side of his head.  I spread his ass cheeks and licked some more and enjoyed the feeling of his hot breath on my inner thigh.

Continuing my body slide I got to the point where my pussy was on his ass.  I took that opportunity to grind my clit against his tailbone.  Because of all the oil my pussy lips were able to spread completely open and I could feel the texture of his skin against every bit of my vulva and inner labia as I gyrated against him.

I continued the body slide down his legs and turned around.  Putting my face to his ass again I joked about how his ass smelled like pussy and oh my gosh tasted like it too!  Again I slid up his back pressing my boobs into him until my pussy was lined up with his ass and I ground my clit into his tail bone.  I was kissing and nibbling all around his upper back, shoulders, neck and ears.  His excitement was building as he started moving around beneath me and grinding his ass up into me.

I slid back down him and told him to get on his knees.  Taking his cock in one hand and his balls in the other I licked his ass up and down the crack letting saliva drip down covering his balls and then his cock.  As they became more and more slick I continued to massage him using broader strokes.  I alternated my motions on his cock, pulling it with it pointing I heart licking asstoward his chest and then stretching it back as far as it would go against his ass so I could suck on it from behind.  Several times I moved my mouth from place to place – cock, balls, ass, cock, balls, ass – until he told me he was going to cum and I made sure to keep my fist pumping his cock rhythmically while I pressed my face into his ass.  I was rewarded with the feeling of gush after gush of hot cum on my palm and running down my wrist as his pelvis jerked and spasmed against my face.

The Right Way To Spend A Sunday Afternoon

Wow this month has been smoking hot busy!  So busy that I haven’t had a chance to write about all the sexy fun I’ve been having…

Today was fantastic!  I knew my friend was super excited to meet me – I had suggested one time for and appointment and he told me about how he had been reading my site and was really looking forward to seeing me so I agreed to come directly as soon as I could.

One thing that I think is totally hot is coming into the room and when the energy is right we start kissing and hugging and rubbing each other all over.  Quickly I’m on my knees blowing him and I only just met him minutes before.  I also usually get really wet when sucking cock so this is a great way to start…

We went to the bed and I took off my dress saying I didn’t want to get pre-cum on it.  He was on his back and I leaned forward sucking on his nipples and then kissing him while grinding against his hard cock.

He rolled me onto my back and kissed his way down my body taking time at each nipple.  When he got to my pussy he gently pulled my pussy lips open and tenderly with the most gentle pressure licked my pussy tracing my labia and clit with long wet strokes of his tongue.

Pushing my legs up and spreading my ass cheeks he licked my ass and that got me even hotter and I had to reach down and rub my clit.  I was grinding my pelvis against him and he came back up to lick my pussy.

I asked for his cock in my mouth again so he knelt next to my face and let me suck on him while I played with myself.  He pulled back after a minute, not wanting to cum too quick.

I got up and guided him to lean forward so I could lick his ass.  I was on my knees behind him with my face in his ass playing with myself and that is how I had a nice strong clitoral orgasm.

We lay resting for a bit until I was ready to give him his massage.  I set up the table and had him lay face down.

I gave him a nice medium pressure massage on his back getting him nice and relaxed.  I took my gloves and gently caressed him up and down his body with the gloves – they created a silky feeling he really enjoyed .

I put them on and rubbed oil all over his ass cheeks and thighs using a variety of strokes giving him all kinds of sensations.  He was enjoying it so much!  I slowly worked my finger in and massaged his pelvis from the inside a full 360 degrees.

I spent time on his prostate and he fucked back against my fingers and ground his pelvis corkscrewing it around so my finger would rub in circles around his prostate.  I slipped a second finger in and fucked him that way until he was ready to turn onto his back.

With him on his back I massage his entire groin area with a variety of strokes.  I spent time giving his cock lots of gentle loving touch.  He was aroused to the point of being rock hard.  I worked my way down rubbing the hard base of his cock behind his balls and the area where his legs met his body.

Again I finger fucked his ass.  As he was getting more and more into it I closed my fingers into a circle around the base of his ball sac and pulled it away from his body.  I added a finger and continued to finger his ass and rub his prostate as I took his cock into my mouth.

He continued to enjoy it more and more and to push him over the edge I slipped a third finger into his ass.  He looked up in surprise and I mirrored it back to him playfully letting him know that I knew what I was doing that he could take it.

I put my mouth on his cock again and began to suck and finger fuck him more rhythmically.  He alternated between thrusting his pelvis up and putting one hand on each side of my head to guide it up and down his shaft at the perfect speed.

He came as he was thrusting up into my mouth and I felt his ass spasm around my fingers and his prostate got to it’s largest.  He came for a long time.  As his waves of orgasm subsided he said this was an intense orgasm and he really liked the build up.  I told him to relax and he said he didn’t think he could do much else.  I stood next to him with my hand on his heart for almost 10 minutes as he drifted in bliss.


Super Busy With Interesting Clients

this post is purely fictional and provided solely for entertainment value

I have been SOOOO busy! I’ve had a few really interesting clients since the last time I wrote.

The most recent was last night at the Venetian. Very nice guy! I’m excited because he said he will be in town for a week and may call me every day. We ended up having a super hot session – When I got to massaging his glutes and groin he was loving it so much I just stayed there and before I new it the hour was up! I got so turned on doing that to him I had to masturbate in the parking lot!

My most interesting client though was staying at the Excalibur. He was a beefy black man originally from New Orleans. He got on my table and everything started innocently enough. Then he started asking if I would massage certain parts of his body. It was yes yes yes until he asked if I could massage his prostate. I said yes as long as you’re clean. Before I know it he was butt up in the air. He started telling me he would really like some verbal domination. And he told me about his fetish of smelling feet. I did my best! He hired me for 2 appointments. The hardest part was he wanted racial talk – he said this was the only situation where he liked to be called names and talked down to. I was the first time in my life I ever called someone nigger. Pretty wild!

I had a nice guy from Orange County who was staying at the Four Seasons. Such a gorgeous hotel! He (like many of my clients) really liked my talk about women and what I like to do with them. And what my hubby and I do when we swing.

I had my favorite job yet. An older gentleman from Jersey hired me for 2 full days to basically hang out. Yes, I did some in room massage. Then we went to the topless pool at The Mirage called Bare. I gave him shoulder massages on demand. Oh so awesome looking at all the pretty titties! He treated me to lunch and dinner and then we went out to strip clubs. I love womens bodies!!! I love it when you get a really good stripper and they grind in all the right places! Then at the end of the second day he hired 2 gals from the body rub section of backpage.com and for the first time I had my own sensual massage with a happy ending. I did exchange phone #’s with the girl who rubbed me and took her out to a 3 am breakfast when the day was over. We talked about hooking up but it hasn’t happened yet and it’s almost been a week. I don’t know if it will work out. Keep ya posted.

Now off to a busy day. Thank God my hubby gave me an Epsom Salt rub down last night! Otherwise I’d be too sore to move today!

this post is purely fictional and provided solely for entertainment value

Starting With New Partners Providing 4 Handed Topless Massage!

I am SOOOOO excited. When I work by myself I offer no nudity. I’m generally very strict about that…it is a boundary I have agreed to follow set my hubby.

But he has given me some lee way! If I have a partner with me I get to go topless with her!!!

So now I have 2 gals who are available to come with me and we can do 4 handed topless massage!

For rates check out my services page.