Tantric Sensual Anal Exploration With Nikki The Las Vegas Masseuse

I began the session with Swedish massage to get our bodies in connection and to begin relaxing his.  After going over the back of his body I started over again using lite, slow tantric style touch.  This type of touch was both relaxing and stimulating making the surface of his skin more sensitive.

After going over his butt with the lite touch I switched to using my mouth.  I teased him for a long time first with closed mouth kisses then with short licks coming closer and closer to his rosebud.  The anticipation kept building and it felt so delicious!

When neither of us could take it anymore and I put my tongue directly on his asshole.  We both settled down a bit since some of the tension had been relieved.  I slowly ran my tongue up and down the crinkles of his anus, tracing each tiny fold of skin with the tip of my tongue.  I focused just on the surface, applying only enough pressure for connection.

After a bit I felt his sphincter muscles flexing and relaxing.  I slowly began applying my pressure with the tip of my tongue exploring deeper into him.  I went from rimming him (licking all around and just inside his asshole) to tongue fucking his asshole as I felt him open up and relax more completely.

He was ready for the strap-on.  Because he was so open and relaxed I skipped over my beginner size and went straight to the normal size when I put on my harness.  We started out with him laying on his side.  Once he got used to being stretch and filled he moved to lay his stomach.

I straddled his butt and lined my dildo up with is asshole.  I leaned forward and put my torso on his back as I sunk my cock into him.  The base of the dildo was pushing against my mons and stimulating my clitoris making each stroke heavenly.  I wrapped my arms around him and held him still as I fucked him faster and harder and talking dirty into his ear until we experienced a peak of pleasure.

He wanted to try one more position to see what it felt like – him on top.  I was happy to lay back as he straddled me and guide him onto my strap-on.  At first he moved slowly as he figured out his positioning finally settling on leaning back as he pumped his butt up and down my cock.

A peak of high intensity washed over us both.  As we came down he said he was starting to feel a little sore in his ass but he was ready to fuck my pussy.

After removing the harness I laid back down while he put on the condom.  Then he got on top of me and began slowly and deliberately fucking in and out of my pussy.  Another wave of intense pleasure washed over us and then it was time for me to ride him.

Riding him felt so good!  The curve of his cock was perfect for me to grind my clit against with every thrust of my hips.  He put his hands on my hips and helped me go a little faster.  We actually ended up climaxing together!


Let me know if you are in Las Vegas looking for a redhead BBW escort/companion to do pegging/strap-on play with you.  I like it both sensual and kinky.  You let me know if you want me to put on my Dominatix hat and be more forceful and humiliating or more loving and erotic as I was in this GFE session.  702.236.1975


Pantyhose Fetish, Foot Fetish and Body Worship

white thigh high panty hoseYesterday I had 2 very hot sessions.  One with a kinky friend of mine.  He put on pantyhose and a hospital gown and I got dressed up like a nurse.  His prescription was watching porn with me while rubbing my feet as I rubbed all over his legs making the our nylons vibrate with the friction, teasing his hard cock, running my feet up and down the front of his torso and his face.  We went to the bedroom where we had amazing slow sex.  I came several times on his cock before I got on top of him and rode him to completion.  We still had plenty of time left so I massaged him and teased him getting him all turned on again to the point where he was on his hands and knees and I was reaching from behind him through his legs massaging his cock and fingering his asshole.  After that yes, he fucked me again.

I had the opportunity to meet with another friend at the Aria.  He was also submissive.  First, we took a shower together and I gave him a super sensual golden shower as he held me against him.  Once we were out and dried off we moved to the bed where I instructed him to worship every inch of my body, giving step by step directions as he started at my toes and worked his way up the backs of my legs to my ass.  I had him lick my ass crack and rosebud until my pussy was nice and wet.  Then I turned onto my back and made him service me orally until I thought his neck might need a break.  So, I had him lay on his back and I sat on his face looking at his dick and alternated between pressing myself onto his face and leaning over and rewarding him with lots of licking and sucking.  He did such a good job that I had him lay on his stomach so I could massage his ass and his prostate.  When he was ready I had him lay on his back, bound his legs so they were spread, put a dildo in his ass, and rode his cock.  After a little while I took his cock up my ass and fucked myself with a big dildo.  When we were ready we took a short break.  Then I rode his face some more and played with him getting him super hard.  Putting on a condom, I used his cock to make my pussy feel so good and talked dirty to him until he lost control and came with serious intensity.

Wooo!  I love my work!

Update on Nikki’s life

Wow fall is almost over and the holidays are around the corner.  Life has been very full.  I want to thank you who have met with me over the last few months even though I haven’t updated recently.

I’ve been elbow deep learning about Orgasmic Meditation and Desire Based life coaching.  This has given me incredible tools to bring to my sessions.  My friends and I have had more connected and stimulating sensations than ever before.  I’ve been putting into practice sensation focus and slow sex and the results have been unbelievable – for both of us (or all 3 of us when I meet with a couple).

I’ve also been hosting a variety of classes – Self Pleasure Events, Male Erotic Massage, Vulva+ Massage and The Art Of Anal Pleasure.  I’ve also been keeping up as much as possible on my video website www.NikkisLessons.com

On a personal note – I’ve been experiencing a lot of changes.  As some of you know, my husband and I have been married over 10 years and started swinging about 4 years in.  In the spring of 2013 we decided to “open up” and become polyamorous.  It’s been quite an adventure and a wild ride.  I was in a serious relationship with a boy for 9 or 10 months.  That was definitely a distraction from blogging.  We broke up about 3 months ago and I’ve been processing it and releasing it.  I’ve learned so much and experienced so much that while the growing pains have been horrible the growth has been amazing.

All that brings us up to today.  I’m working on attracting the perfect people to work with me on all my different projects.  It’s super exciting!  Once I have some of those things off my plate I will have more time for creative writing as well.  I have 3 months left in my program to become a certified Orgasmic Meditation Trainer and Life Coach.  Hubby and daughter are doing well.  Things are good:)

Also – I got my hair done and my first tattoos!

IMG_6740 IMG_6741 IMG_6750 IMG_6751 IMG_6755 IMG_6759 IMG_6761 mms_img-1308072680 Las Vegas Masseuse

New York Sex Adventures Part 2 of 6

I love seeing people on a repeat basis!  I had a friend/client come see me.  He was visiting from a nearby city.  I have to say, I have a definite kink for older men – the naughtiness of it is extremely stimulating to me.  I enjoyed myself, giving him a slow, sensual massage and then using my mouth on his ass:)

I’m grateful I did get to see a couple of clients/friends from my last New York visit!  One of them is very much into anal play:)  He showed up and took a quick shower.  Then we went straight to a 69 position using a dental dam for me and a condom for him because he is also super ultra safe!  He ate my pussy and my ass getting me entirely worked up.  I gave him a loving blow job and then got out the dental dam and gloves and alternately rimmed his ass and fingered/massaged it.  He started massaging my ass and pussy with his gloved fingers also and it was so hot being there on top of him with my legs spread open hovering above him.  After I was completely aroused and he was getting fairly aggressive with my ass he asked if I was ready to fuck.  I said yes and slid myself down his body and sitting up I got into reverse cowgirl.  I was so ready from him playing with my ass I was able to take him in fairly quickly and after a few strokes I was relaxed to his girth.  As soon as that happened I started grinding on his cock.  After doing that for awhile I used my hands to spread my ass cheeks and started bouncing up and down on his cock.  It was so hot and not long before he came while fucking my little asshole.

I was so turned on after that session I continued masturbating, pussy fucking and ass fucking myself and even using my vibrator cumming again and again until I was finally satisfied:)

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New York Is Fun!

I’ve been having a bunch of great experiences!  Here are a few worth mentioning –

I got to be with a Hasidic Jew for the first time.  I’ve always been sooo curious about their hair and their clothes and now I know… It is always so kinky when I’m with someone who is very conservative in their everyday life and chooses to see me to indulge with:)

I had an appointment that was supposed to be role-play fun and turned into a talk therapy session.  I see a lot of people who have a hard time reconciling the differences between their desires and how they think they “should” be, meaning they desire the experience of going outside their marriage, being totally sexually free with someone, but their own definition of what a good husband/father/citizen is does not include that kind of freedom.  So they are forever having to deal with the internal conflict.  On the one hand there’s excitement and on the other shame and guilt.  We talked for our time together and I showed him my program for frustrated lovers.  If you are interested shoot me an email and I’ll tell you about it too.

I had one client who I was performing analingus on and his hair in that area got wrapped around my tongue ring!  I couldn’t believe it.  I was stuck with my face in his ass and it was so hilarious I was laughing hysterically!  He was chuckling too… but he sounded a little nervous…  I tried to unscrew the ball of my tongue ring but my hands had lube all over them so I couldn’t get a grip!  Finally I calmed down enough to somehow get free.  That was toooooo funny!

Now I have two nights left.  I’m really excited for tonight – I have a long date with dinner and everything.  I’m staying down by Times Square.  Then tomorrow I move to a hotel West of Central Park.  Then Friday I’m back home to my family.  My 8yr old daughter and husband miss me horribly.  Ah well, absence makes the heart grow fonder and as much as I miss them and everything else in Las Vegas I truly enjoy traveling, seeing new things, meeting new people, staying in hotels and then coming home to a happy welcome. 

If you would like to order the pictures from this photo shoo tlet me know in the comments below.  I have 43 pics of me wearing this nighty in different poses, only breasts exposed … these are un-edited.  I would ask $20 for the set.



Prostate Massage With Light Domination

He wanted to explore being a little submissive.  We started with some back massage and talked until I became completely clear on what his desires were.

I massaged his glutes and thighs.  I slipped my hands between his ass cheeks pulling them from front to back over and over.  I massaged all around his sits bones and both his sphincters.  I rubbed up and down his tail bone and sacrum paying special attention to the notches I could feel there.  I stroked down his perineum toward his scrotum using an extremely gentle and teasing touch arousing him to the point where he was lifting his pelvis and sticking his ass in the air.

I spread his ass cheeks and licked his entire anal area.  I did sweet circles around his sphincter and long wet strokes from the base of his scrotum to the tip of his tail bone.  I pulled his cock down so it was pointing the same direction as his legs.  I nibbled on his scrotum, sucked pulling the testicles inside into my mouth one at a time at first then both together.

Leaving a wet trail of saliva as I went, I tongued my way down to the tip of his cock.  I spent extra time swirling my tongue around the sweet spot at the back of the head before taking the entire head of his cock into my mouth and alternately sucking it and swirling my tongue all the way around it and sticking the tip of my tongue in the slit.

I went back to licking in between his ass cheeks as I put on gloves.  Once they were on I slowly teased his outer sphincter, pressing in every direction, slowly sinking my finger tip in to the first knuckle.  I applied more oil and using my fingertip I pushed it into his anus again and again making sure every fold was completely lubricated.

Sinking my finger deeper, I curled it around his tailbone and massaged his sacrum from the inside.  I tugged on his cock with my other hand as I stroked the back wall of his ass.  I slowly rotated my finger stopping frequently to stroke the walls of his pelvic floor.  Eventually my finger came to his prostate.  I pressed in against his prostate, then I swirled my finger around the edges of it massaging it from all angles.

I was ready to work on his cock some more so I had him role onto his back.

I massaged the front of his thighs, his entire groin area (avoiding his cock) and his abdomen.  Finally my fingers reached his hard cock and gently and teasingly I explored every part of it finding where he was most sensitive and responsive.  Then I lowered my face so my mouth was right in front of his dick head and opened my mouth and exhaled warm wet breath onto it as I watched his face.  As my exhale ended he relaxed his head back onto the table.  The anticipation had built to a breaking point.

Opening even wider I sunk my head down until his cock was as deep as it could go down my throat.  Then I carefully wrapped my lips, cheeks and tongue around it and started bobbing up and down.  At the same time I pressed my finger into his asshole and pressed into his prostate.  He was enjoying it so much I slowly added a second finger.  He felt like I was totally stuffing his ass but he was so aroused that it felt good.  While I continued using my mouth to slobber and slide up and down his cock I used my fingers to alternately finger fuck him, massage his tailbone and massage his prostate.

He said he liked eating pussy so I stopped what I was doing, walked to the head of the massage table and climbed up, placing my pussy in front of his eager face.  I was completely swollen and wet and as I straddled his face it was easy for him to find my clit.  He did an excellent job of tonguing me as I leaned forward and sucked his cock.  I also reached up and put a finger in his ass.

The erotic energy was building and I could tell he was approaching an orgasmic state.  I told him he had to ask before he could cum.  About a minute later he asked.  I said no.  I sat up, still on his face and rubbed all around his groin area and told him to relax his legs and feet.

Then I went back to sucking and finger fucking.  Shortly he asked me again as his legs were getting more and more tense.  This time I got up and got my straps and strapped his legs to the table in and open position.  After a few minutes I was satisfied he would not be able to pull his knees together or straighten his legs no matter what.

I climbed back on his face, leaned over and took his cock in my mouth and put my fingers in his ass.  Then I began to slowly and rhythmically bob my head up and down for tip to base while simultaneously sliding my finger all the way out of his ass then all the way in pressing into the prostate.

The tension built again and this time his legs were straining against the straps.  He started bucking his pelvis up and down, slowly at first but then I gave him permission to cum and he started pumping away fucking up into my mouth until he blew a huge amount of cum into my mouth.  I didn’t stop sucking or finger fucking him and as he fucked in and out of my mouth the cum dribbled down his cock and down making a sticky hot mess.  Finally he relaxed, spent, and I released his cock from my mouth and removed my finger from his ass.