New York Sex Adventures Part 2 of 6

I love seeing people on a repeat basis!  I had a friend/client come see me.  He was visiting from a nearby city.  I have to say, I have a definite kink for older men – the naughtiness of it is extremely stimulating to me.  I enjoyed myself, giving him a slow, sensual massage and then using my mouth on his ass:)

I’m grateful I did get to see a couple of clients/friends from my last New York visit!  One of them is very much into anal play:)  He showed up and took a quick shower.  Then we went straight to a 69 position using a dental dam for me and a condom for him because he is also super ultra safe!  He ate my pussy and my ass getting me entirely worked up.  I gave him a loving blow job and then got out the dental dam and gloves and alternately rimmed his ass and fingered/massaged it.  He started massaging my ass and pussy with his gloved fingers also and it was so hot being there on top of him with my legs spread open hovering above him.  After I was completely aroused and he was getting fairly aggressive with my ass he asked if I was ready to fuck.  I said yes and slid myself down his body and sitting up I got into reverse cowgirl.  I was so ready from him playing with my ass I was able to take him in fairly quickly and after a few strokes I was relaxed to his girth.  As soon as that happened I started grinding on his cock.  After doing that for awhile I used my hands to spread my ass cheeks and started bouncing up and down on his cock.  It was so hot and not long before he came while fucking my little asshole.

I was so turned on after that session I continued masturbating, pussy fucking and ass fucking myself and even using my vibrator cumming again and again until I was finally satisfied:)

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