New York Sex Adventures Part 3 of 6

I had an early morning appointment with someone who just wanted a blowjob. He told me when I started that he was going to grade me! So made sure to do all my tricks even though I had just woken up:) It worked and he gave me an A+ (and a mouthful of hot cum!).

I had a gentleman that wanted to explore bondage a bit and enjoys anal play so we started off the session with massage. As I worked my way around his body and I got the end of each limb I placed velcro handcuffs on each wrist and ankle. Then, to heighten his senses and make him feel even more out of control I put a blindfold on him. Placing a strap beneath his waist I attached both his wrists to his so he had limited mobility there. Then, attaching a strap to each ankle with the other end to the corresponding wrist I slowly tightened the straps as he bent his knees as far as they could bend. Putting on gloves and sitting behind him I spread his knees and began with a very thorough ass massage. Slowly and meticulously I slid my hands up and down and all around. Each time I passed his anus I pressed and entered starting with my fingertip and with each pass I inserted my finger more deeply until I was fully finger fucking him at a torturously slow pace. He was moaning and finally said he could take it anymore, that it was too intense and he wanted to be let free. I let him lose and he touched me all over. I climbed on top of him and planting my feet on either side of his hips I bounced up and down his cock until I came. Then he asked me to finish him with a hand job because that was the most intense way for him to orgasm.

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