New York Sex Adventures Part 1 of 6

It’s been awhile since I’ve shared a truly stimulating story and I’m just about bursting at the seams with some of the hot things I did while in New York!  So I’ve written them all down but it was so long that I had to break it up into 6 parts!  Keep coming back to read about all my New York adventures:)

One gentleman wanted to rub his dick all over my hips and he talked dirty to me about all these fantasies.  He said some of the nastiest things – talking about enemas, forced orgasm, bondage and the like – but I could tell it was getting him totally hot and I joined right in.  It got to the point where he felt he had to fuck me and couldn’t wait any longer (we had been waiting for another girl to join us).  He was fucking me slowly continuing with his dirty talk when she arrived.  He let her in and had her sit in a chair while he finished with me.  That was hot, having a stranger there that I didn’t even know!

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