Starting With New Partners Providing 4 Handed Topless Massage!

I am SOOOOO excited. When I work by myself I offer no nudity. I’m generally very strict about that…it is a boundary I have agreed to follow set my hubby.

But he has given me some lee way! If I have a partner with me I get to go topless with her!!!

So now I have 2 gals who are available to come with me and we can do 4 handed topless massage!

For rates check out my services page.

About Draping

Draping is that top sheet the massage therapist puts over you during a massage. Then, as each part of the body is worked on, it is exposed, the sheet is pulled back and tucked under the body a bit to hold it in place. In this way the client maintains modesty and the massage therapist upholds their ethics of not being sexual in any way. Therapeutic only.

I do not require draping. I ask if it is desired. I do know proper draping methods. If it is I know the client is more modest and may not want erotic/sensual techniques. If they do not want draping then I assume that they most likely want the erotic/sensual techniques and “happy ending” or “release”. If I am unsure I always ask.

I hope this explains some of the terminology of the massage ads. So many of my clients have no idea how to know if they’ll be getting a therapeutic or sensual massage – or something in between.

Non Erotic/Sensual Verbage:

  • LMT or CMT (Licensed or Certified Massage Therapist. They generally abide by the sexual ethics taught in massage school and their boards of certification)
  • Draping Required (while I haven’t found it explicitly stated in the laws that draping is legally required, again, this is part of a code of conduct used to maintain ethics)
  • Strictly Therepeutic
  • Non-Sexual
  • Different fees are listed for different time frames/modalities

Erotic/Sensual Verbage:

  • A flat rate or no rate is listed
  • Saying “you will be happy at the end”
  • Draping optional
  • Sexy/revealing photos (as in many asian ads)
  • A price over $100/hr ( the national average is $60/hour for incall)
  • Nudity is offered

If you look at a lot of ads please post any of your personal observations or opinions. All comments will be kept confidential!