Scrotum Massage

Wow – I look at what search terms bring people to my blog and this was used 2x today already! I knew there was an interest…

I had a client once that said he’d been to Bangkok and that there were tons of massage parlors everywhere that offered all kinds of different massage. One that he had gotten was a ball massage for 1 hr. I didn’t realize it felt that good that it could be massaged for an hour. I mean, I’ve always massaged it but it’s never been a focus. I’ve tended to focus more on the “sacred spot” between the nuts and the asshole and massaging the stalk of the cock through the ballsack. I do play with it, rub it, tug gently on it etc.

I’ve had some clients with fetishes request I get rough with it.

So there ya go. I do scrotum massage. But if you want me to spend more time there you’ll have to let me know.

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