90 Minute Massage With The Works

Enough cannot be said about my 90 minute massage with the works appointment. I get you on the table (and yes, I have a portable one for outcall and no, I have no problems going to hotels) and I start with your back. Customizing the pressure to your preference my range is from feather touch to getting on my knees on your back. I massage the neck and head as well before I move onto your arms. I get your hands and every single part of every single finger.

Then I move to the legs doing one at a time. Each leg massage starts with the glutes. I am thorough about the thigh making sure to get the inside tendons. I might get a bit sidetracked in this area to play and pleasure a bit but then I resume my course going right back down to the calf and finish with the foot.

This all takes about an hour. By that time you are more than ready to turn over and have some attention on the front side of your body. Depending on how horny you are we might move straight to the bed. Often, I will mount you on the table.

I bring a variety of condoms with me. If you come to my studio there is a shower. I also have toys and restraints with me to cater to special requests.

Make it a sexy day,