Demonstration Model For The Art Of Cunnilingus

Wooo Hoooo! I am so excited. Tomorrow night I get to be the demo model for this workshop!

A Special 2 Hour Workshop Hosted by Dr. Amanda and Dr. Victoria



This workshop will be hosted at the Erotic Heritage Museum on FRIDAY, January 20th. 7:00PM to 9:00PM



Cunnilingus if performed correctly has the potential to give women exceptional orgasms and many women actually prefer cunnilingus to full intercourse in terms of satisfaction. To learn the art of cunnilingus takes a little practice and we are excited to host this extensive workshop for lovers! After the educational section we will then host a Question and Answer session. Ask the Sexologists! The workshop will end with a 10 minute Live Demonstration with a Heterosexual Couple. Watch and Learn!



The price for the intensive oral sex workshop is $30.00 per person.



Please email Dr. Victoria or Dr. Amanda to sign up. Limited seating is available. Dr. Victoria – Dr. Amanda –


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Couples Sex Exploration And Experience

Or as I like to say “Sexploration & Sexperience”

Today was very successful for my couple. They were only in town for 2 days so we did a 5 hour intensive.

The outcome was

  • Lots of communication gaps were filled in and we discussed different personality/communication styles. I recommended the book The 5 Love Languages: The Secret to Love That Lasts by Gary Chapman to her. Since he is an entrepreneur and is more familiar with personality types I recommended he review the DISC personality types – Him being a high DI and her being a full S and take the responsibility of applying what he knows about that kind of thing to this relationship. Here are some books about the DISC behavioral model you can check out.
  • She was able to overcome (or begin to overcome) her negative beliefs. We talked about how she gets to choose what to believe and how if something is making her feel bad she can choose to change it and feel better about it. We talked about how to do that. I walked through that process myself with my mentor Shelby Collinge. Yes, fear and shame can be paralyzing. Walking through it and finding the freedom and truth inside is a-freakin-mazing!
  • He learned the basics of massage and sensual massage. You can see my videos about that here. More will be coming soon.
  • We found her g-spot. Yes, after 20+ years of marriage they were both unsure of the exact location. I think her orgasms will be going to the next level now!
  • We covered some basic bondage techniques. I showed him a chest harness and told him to look up to learn more about erotic rope bondage and to get a starter kit. Then we played with clothes pins and clamps;)
  • He improved his spanking technique – there is a way to do it that stimulates the entire groin!
  • They learned how to make anal sex enjoyable. I taught them the techniques I use in this video.
  • My male partner came about half way through the session and we were did some demonstration and he shared his experience about his sexual growth.
  • We developed a plan to keep the communication and kink going once they get home:)

I am so grateful and honored to have had this experience with them. I let them know they could email me if they had any follow up questions and if they liked my style of working with them and they wanted ongoing mentoring I would love to work with them via phone and email for a reasonable fee.

If you are interested in a 5 hour intensive please contact me.


The End Of March (Madness but nothing to do with basketball;)

Sexuality and gender identity-based cultures
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God I love this blog! I love that it’s my space and my place to play and share all the wild and crazy things that are happening! Lately I’ve been so busy with the wild and crazy things I haven’t even had a chance to write about it but I couldn’t go another day without sharing some of the fun.

Thank you to all my readers, by the way. I really appreciate you and your feedback.

I think I must seem super safe to people because most of the clients I have been working with this week have never hired a gal before for a massage much less a massage with the works. Some were interested in experiencing anal for the first time. I am so excited because I got a new strap on that is really thin! The dildo is not much wider than a finger. I’d like it to be longer though…fair warning: a big booty makes anal sex difficult – I mean more difficult than normal! I even had a circumstance with a client that between my ass and his belly we couldn’t get his cock into my ass! Aw well, the oral-anal was spectacular.

Some of the more unusual appointments I’ve recently had…

  • spanking role play – I got to play mom spanking the bad 15 year old boy. That was hot! We had no sex…just re-enacted some scenarios.
  • he wanted to be forced to have sex with me (I was to force him). I really like this idea but I needed more submission from him. I was disappointed because he had a really nice cock and I didn’t get to fell it in me:(
  • spontaneous ejaculation – on a 1 hour massage with the works appointment I had finished massaging his back, had him flip over and was working his ass and hard on and surprise surprise out of nowhere it came. There was no stopping this! If you’ve had an appointment with me you know I try to save your ejaculation until the last 10 minutes of our time together.
  • My one single female client – she is so hot – but she will not give or receive oral. This was only our second time together and I think I may have found a chink in the armor. I want to taste her so bad!

I have had a little time to party though. While I don’t drink or drug I do go to swingers parties and BDSM parties. I had one fun night – there were 3 guys and 3 gals and the one throwing it was a completely submissive slut. She also has a rockin body so we had a lot of fun doing things to her both sensually and tortorously. One of the guys was an LMT so we traded massages and that was nice to be receiving.

I did get some alone time with my hubby this week. We are exploring tantric sex and orgasm control. Boy, is it fun to practice that! First, we learn the technique. Then, he/we get to practice. While he is doing these activities I am encouraging him and learning with him…That is a class I will be teaching in the future.

Speaking of classes, that is the other bit of work I’ve had on my plate. I have been developing my consulting business as the AdventurSex Mentor. I like internet marketing, web design etc. but it is time consuming! I am super excited about my upcoming event Sensual And Erotic Touch For Lovers! I am holding this event live and people can also attend virtually online via live streaming video! I’m not completely done with the landing site yet but you are welcome to look at it. If you would like to attend you can register (that part is set up;) FYI, my credit card processing is done securely through Paypal and your statement charge will be from LV Consulting in order to keep everything anonymous and discreet. Here is the landing page

As you can see I am juggling many things…haven’t even mentioned some stuff. I have had some requests for pictures. I will sell pictures but it’s a lot to handle emailing etc. If you or anyone you know would be interested in helping me out getting onto clips for sale or some picture selling site I would be most appreciative. That way for people who want pics it will be somewhat automated and much easier for me and quicker for them.

Ok you sexy people. I am off to post an ad for today so I can make some money. Then shower and hopefully some fun. If not I’ll be getting my new landing page further developed and be ready to truly start promoting the event.

Make it a sexy day!