Demonstration Model For The Art Of Cunnilingus

Wooo Hoooo! I am so excited. Tomorrow night I get to be the demo model for this workshop!

A Special 2 Hour Workshop Hosted by Dr. Amanda and Dr. Victoria



This workshop will be hosted at the Erotic Heritage Museum on FRIDAY, January 20th. 7:00PM to 9:00PM



Cunnilingus if performed correctly has the potential to give women exceptional orgasms and many women actually prefer cunnilingus to full intercourse in terms of satisfaction. To learn the art of cunnilingus takes a little practice and we are excited to host this extensive workshop for lovers! After the educational section we will then host a Question and Answer session. Ask the Sexologists! The workshop will end with a 10 minute Live Demonstration with a Heterosexual Couple. Watch and Learn!



The price for the intensive oral sex workshop is $30.00 per person.



Please email Dr. Victoria or Dr. Amanda to sign up. Limited seating is available. Dr. Victoria – Dr. Amanda –


English: A symbolic representation of Cunnilin...