Fat Sex – All Body Types Accepted

I want to talk about something that is known as fat sex. There are many times that I am contacted by someone and they tell me in advance that they weigh a certain number of pounds and they’re worried I won’t want to see them and they want to make sure that it is okay with me. I have heard stories about people being turned down as clients because of their size. I don’t understand this thinking on the part of the provider. I as a provider I’m here to provide a service. I never do anything I don’t want to do. I feel that there is something erotic in a person if they are calling me. It is up to me to find that erotic part and enjoy it with them. In a recent session my client was a large man and I am plus sized myself. Sometimes that can make traditional penis in vagina sex a little challenging. The thing is, I actually don’t have a lot of penis in vagina sex with my clients anyways. Most of my clients are interested in specialty experiences. For example – cock worship, anilingus, prostate massage, squirting or other fetish and play.


No matter what your shape or look, text me at 702231975 if you are looking for a Las Vegas escort / companion who is BBW / plus size / red-head / mature / open-minded / fetish friendly and we can have session / GFE that could include a variety of activities including but not limited to blow job, cock worship, anilingus, prostate massage, squirting and role play.

New York Sex Adventures Part 4 of 6

I have my one client/friend that in another universe I would want to date and have a relationship with – that is how good he makes me feel and how talented he is with my body!  But things are what they are so I’m glad we can meet the way we do.  He loves to worship my ass.  We start by getting in bed and snuggling and kissing.  He has the perfect touch for my nipples which is a rare thing since they are very sensitive.  Then he went down under the covers and licked my pussy and sucked on the hair I have over the pubic bone.  After thoroughly licking my pussy up and down he said to lift my legs so he could lick my ass.  I said I had an even better idea and I turned over onto my knees bending down and putting my chest all the way down onto the bed.  I had my knees spread wide and he leaned forward and started out with kissing my butt cheeks, working his way in toward my ass crack and eventually licking the rose bud making me feel totally wonderful.  I stretched out my legs, laying on my stomach and put my legs together.  He slid his dick in the crease between my legs and we ground our bodies together building up the heat between us.  All of a sudden he came all over my thighs!  It felt so hot and creamy and turned me on that much more!  We kissed and cuddled while I played with my pussy and got almost to the point of orgasm.  By then he was hard again so I got a condom and climbed on top of him.  While grinding on his cock and playing with my clit he played with my nipples in his perfect way and I came hard!  After I caught my breath I started moving again and after a few strokes he had another explosive orgasm:)

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120 Minute Treatments – Popular!

2 hours is turning into the best time frame!  I’ve had several sessions of this length in the last week and each one was simply amazing.  I’ve been learning about Taoist Erotic Massage lately and with this expanded time frame I’m able to truly indulge you with all my skills.

To start of with, I bring my table if you like.  I always recommend it anyway because I will have better access to your whole body – I’ll be able to reach further and with more pressure.  You also have the benefit of the firm table holding you up under the pressure of my firm strokes.  If you like deep pressure it is a must because none of the pressure is lost by you getting pushed down into the mattress.

My normal full body massage takes about an hour.  If you only get an hour with me then I get to give a great treatment on your back and glutes if we allow for play time.  If you have a 90 minute session I can do back, anal play, front, and we have play time.  If you climax before our session time is over I will continue to massage your body until our time is up. 

The new things I’ve learned can fill an hour by themselves.  Complete cock and anal massage.  These new strokes have taken all the things I already knew intuitively and broken them down.  I complete each stroke slowly, sensually, and integrate it with the rest of your body by also caressing your heart area and your thighs.  I also talk you through some breathing relaxation practices that heightens the sensations even more.  I continue with this until climax is imminent and at that point give you the choice of how you would like to finish – either continuing as is, orally or by going to the bed and having sex.