Therapeutically and Sensually Massaging the Female Upper Body

Closeup of the breasts of a pregnant woman.
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There are muscles in the chest that a massage therapist can’t get to unless they touch your breast. In our society, that’s fine for men. For women it’s another story because the female breast is totally sexualized. However, as any female who has specifically exercised her chest knows, there are muscles under those boobs that get sore and could use a good therapeutic treatment. People in general tend to hold a lot of stress in their shoulders and chest. I don’t know how anyone could massage that area and not want to pleasure the nipples as well! I indulge in my desire to pleasure nipples any chance I get and love it when they are on the end of a female breast!

I begin by gently spreading oil on the entire arm and half of the chest from fingertip to shoulder on the arm and from clavicle to sternum on the chest. I warm the skin and on her chest by massaging back and forth across the area just above the breast and I keep rubbing back and forth going down her breast with a light touch eventually moving on to the rib cage below her breast. For deeper pressure on her upper chest I use my fore arm in addition to my hands. On the rib cage I use my fingertips to gently massage the muscles that are in between the ribs. If the energy is right between us I will take her nipple in my mouth and ask if she likes gentle or rough on her nipples. M wanted it rough and I obliged sucking roughly and flicking my tongue ring against the tip as forcefully as I could. I did this just long enough to get a reaction from her before I moved on to her upper arm. On the arm I warm the skin using short strokes and long strokes. I give more pressure with the flat of my fist and my fore arm. I massage her hands and pull on each finger twice rubbing the small muscles in between the knuckles. I finish this part of her body with light sweeping strokes and get ready to move down to her leg.

To be continued…

this post is purely fictional and provided solely for entertainment value

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