Massaging the Vagina

Mons pubis of a black woman. Work by Dutch art...
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Starting with the mons I massage the groin area. I thoroughly and gently rub the point where her leg meets her body. Alternating my hands I pull, one hand after the other, covering the area from her ass to the front of her pelvic area.

If she is totally comfortable and I am having the desired effect she opens her thighs giving me clear access to her pussy. Using two fingertips I begin the massage on her vulva area. I rub in circular motions on her clit hood using firm pressure. Using both hands I rub up and down her outer and inner lips as well as her perineum.

She is totally wet at this point but I ask if she wants any more oil to make sure she is feeling lubricated enough as I begin to enter her with my fingers. First I put in my middle finger. Next, I put in my index finger. With the two fingers in I feel along the inside of her pussy just opposite her clit and look for the spongy tissue that indicates a G-spot. Finding that G-Spot I rub with firm pressure getting harder and harder as she is bucking and rocking against my hand as well. The whole time I keep my other hand working on her clit and clit hood in steady circles and at times place my mouth on top to provide some powerful suction mixed with feather light tongue flicks.

Seeing that she wants more I push my fingers deeper. I also put in my ring finger so I now have three fingers in her pussy. I feel deeper and deeper in her pussy until I find what feels like an internal clit. It is amazing and powerful as I rub all around it verbally communicating with her about how much pressure feels good for her. I slip one fingertip under the internal clit hood and then pulling it out of that I rub all my finger tips around the entire button. She is so wet and pressing against me her body asking for more that I straighten my pinky out and begin fuck her with all four fingers while my thumb is on the outside making contact with her clit with every thrust.

Finally, crawling on the table between her thighs, I bring her to climax with my hand fucking her pussy and my mouth on her clit and pussy lips. I don’t let go and I don’t stop until I feel her pussy clenching on my hand indicating to me a final and complete cum.


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