Beginning of Female Sensual Massage

Female buttocks lighted
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After I finished M’s back and arms I moved to the lower part of her body. First, I applied the oil to her whole leg from toe to lower back using long, light strokes. Then, I began massaging starting at the glute. I rub my hands back and forth over the skin warming it up and increasing blood flow. Next, using my fore arm and upper arm I rub in large circles from the inside out – from her beautiful crack around to the outside of her hip and around again. Next, using both fore arms I rub the entire glute alternating between the right and left arms.

Starting on the thigh I warm it up with both long strokes up and down from the back of her knee up to the bottom of her glute and with short strokes running form the inside of her thigh to the outside. Next I use my fore arm and upper arm first rubbing up the back of the leg and down the outside of the leg and next up the inside of her thigh and down the outside in big circles. Then I rub my palms up the inside of her thigh to where it meets her body at the groin. Alternating right and left hands I massage the place where the leg meets the body gently but firmly stroking from the front of the pelvis to the back trailing my hand closer and closer to the center of her behind. I wait for any kind of rejection or hesitation from her and sensing none I slowly begin to stroke closer and closer to the center of her pelvic region until finally I am beginning my stroke at the tip of her pelvic bone and ending it at the tip of her tail bone. Meanwhile, she had opened her legs wider giving me easier access to her pelvic region. It’s wild how I can feel the difference between the massage oil and her juices! Since I know she is getting totally aroused I take time to massage her clit. I massage her perinium by rotating my balled up fist. Finally I finish this part of the massage by caressing the inner areas of her ass cheeks and the outer areas of her ass hole.

To be continued…

this post is purely fictional and provided solely for entertainment value

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