Newlyweds Massage Was Sooooo Fun!

I am so proud of this couple for already being so far along in their sexual journey! And the hotness factor was through the roof!

They were a good looking well educated couple. They’d tried some things before but I was going to be her first girl. I consider that a huge honor! That they trust me enough – and I feel it’s a responsibility as well because I get plenty of clients that had their ‘first’ with someone who hurt them or made it uncomfortable and then their turned of it forever. Or until they meet me I guess:)

She had the prettiest body and I gave her a good firm relaxing massage first. When she turned onto her back I teased her by breathing hot and heavy on each nipple and by telling her to lay still while I slowly licked her lips. Then I told her to stick out her tongue and I licked that until I wanted to kiss her and I sealed my mouth onto hers. The entire time her hubby was sitting there watching thoroughly enjoying every minute of it. I moved down and massaged her upper thighs and brought my face down to her mons. I kissed around the whole area with my lips closed. Then I let her feel my hot breath and we both got hot with the sound of my heavy breathing and my face right in from of her pretty pussy. I started to lick the outer lips just barely dipping my tongue inside to test her taste and wetness. She tasted good! And she was super wet. I ran my tongue over her clit and it was fully engorged, hard like a mini penis. I put my hands on her and pulled her pussy lips apart and began swirling my tongue around and around her clit mixing in some up and down strokes at times. I began to lick a longer and longer trail on the down licks and I told her to lift her knees so I could lick down to her tight little asshole. I ran my tongue and face several times from the top of her slit to her asshole. Then I repositioned a bit and put my right middle finger in her tight wet pussy. With my left hand I pulled up on her pussy lips and I licked her clit up and down while finger fucking her until she wouldn’t let me anymore. She said she had cum…

Then it was hubby’s turn. Again I began with his back. Then I moved to his glutes eventually dipping my fingers into the crack between his ass cheeks. I don’t know if he’s ever been touched there before! He really liked it and squirmed all over. I had him get up on his knees and elbows. That’s when I started licking him! I licked his ass and his nut sack and the tip of his dick from behind. He was going pretty wild. The whole time his pretty wife sat and watched with the biggest grin on her face. I decided to push the line a little bit since he was enjoying the anal stimulation so much. I penetrated his ass with a finger but it was just too much for him at that point so I backed off and had him turn over.

One thing that was pretty amazing is that he had an extremely large cock and her pussy was very snug on my finger. I was really impressed by both of them for that:) I massaged his upper thighs and directly began touching his groin area, massaging his perineum, balls, cock and pubic bone area. I pulled his balls away from his body and licked all over them using lots of spit. At this point the wife came over and started kissing him. Then I got down between his thighs and began to work on that cock. I grabbed it at the base forcing the head to become rock hard while I licked and sucked it. I alternating between stroking it with my hands and my mouth. I noticed that his wife was playing with herself and I reached a hand up so I could touch her pretty breast while I sucked on her husband. Then I wanted to finger her but I couldn’t reach so I asked her to move side by side with her husband. She did. Now they were laying on their backs side by side and I was sucking his cock and working it with my left hand and I put two fingers into her pussy and finger fucked her. I developed a bit of a rythm and that is how she came HARD. That is the kind of orgasm I love – when I can feel the pussy muscles clenching around my fingers and she is moaning and fucking my fingers back! The whole time I didn’t stop working on his cock and as soon as she was done with the most intense part of her orgasm he began cumming and cumming and cumming! Oh it was so good and intense for both of them.

Ah young love. And now I must go and masturbate since I am totally hot after remembering that whole event!

60 minute massage was client #5 with no release for me! I jumped on the table when he was done so I could cum;)

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Wooh! I feel much better now. I’ve had some amazingly hot and sexy appointments over the last 24 hours but I didn’t get an ultimate climax during any of them. If you’ve been with me you know I am pretty orgasmic and can have several mild orgasms while I would up to the real big one.

My first appointment was a cute couple. They were in such good shape I asked her if she was a body builder! I wasn’t sure if the wife was on board since the husband had set up the whole appointment but as soon as she hopped on the table totally nude I could tell she was open to whatever may happen. I gave her a really good deep tissue back massage. Then I gave her an amazing pussy massage! The whole time the husband laid on the bed and watched. She really liked the technique I used to massage the inner thigh and the groin where the inner thigh meets the torso. Using lots of oil and while she was still face down I pulled my hand from the front of her body to the back with firm pressure slowly getting closer and closer to her clit with every stroke. Finally I was massaging her clit with all four of my fingers pressed together. Then I changed positions and put my thumb into her pussy and rubbed her g-spot while my fingers rubbed her clit. She was getting totally into it so I told her if she rolled onto her back I would put my mouth on her clit. She flipped right over while telling her husband that I knew what to do with a pussy! I put my fingers in her and slid them in and out while leaning over tonguing and sucking her clit. She was grinding hard against my face and I finally placed the palm of my hand against her pubic bone with the heel of my hand hitting her clit and that is how she came.

Then it was hubby’s turn. I gave him the usual back massage, licked his ass and played with him from behind. When he couldn’t take it anymore he turned over. The wife came and stood across from me on the other side of the table so she could let him feel her wetness and watch me play with him. I gave him an amazing hand job. She was so engrossed in watching me play with her husband and he kept lifting his head up to look over her shoulder – them watching me was getting me off!. I finally started licking and sucking his cock. I loved hearing her talk about how hot it was. I asked him if he wanted to cum in my mouth and before he could say anything she said she would love to see that and she’d never seen him cum in someone else’s mouth before. I had one finger up his ass, on fist pumping his cock, held my tongue out and ran it up and down the shaft and head until he came. I held my mouth partially open so she could watch it squirting into my mouth. It was so hot!

After 2 more appointments yesterday and one this morning I finally got my ultimate climax this morning! I’ll write about it later;)

Therapeutically and Sensually Massaging the Female Upper Body

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There are muscles in the chest that a massage therapist can’t get to unless they touch your breast. In our society, that’s fine for men. For women it’s another story because the female breast is totally sexualized. However, as any female who has specifically exercised her chest knows, there are muscles under those boobs that get sore and could use a good therapeutic treatment. People in general tend to hold a lot of stress in their shoulders and chest. I don’t know how anyone could massage that area and not want to pleasure the nipples as well! I indulge in my desire to pleasure nipples any chance I get and love it when they are on the end of a female breast!

I begin by gently spreading oil on the entire arm and half of the chest from fingertip to shoulder on the arm and from clavicle to sternum on the chest. I warm the skin and on her chest by massaging back and forth across the area just above the breast and I keep rubbing back and forth going down her breast with a light touch eventually moving on to the rib cage below her breast. For deeper pressure on her upper chest I use my fore arm in addition to my hands. On the rib cage I use my fingertips to gently massage the muscles that are in between the ribs. If the energy is right between us I will take her nipple in my mouth and ask if she likes gentle or rough on her nipples. M wanted it rough and I obliged sucking roughly and flicking my tongue ring against the tip as forcefully as I could. I did this just long enough to get a reaction from her before I moved on to her upper arm. On the arm I warm the skin using short strokes and long strokes. I give more pressure with the flat of my fist and my fore arm. I massage her hands and pull on each finger twice rubbing the small muscles in between the knuckles. I finish this part of her body with light sweeping strokes and get ready to move down to her leg.

To be continued…

this post is purely fictional and provided solely for entertainment value

Beginning of Female Sensual Massage

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After I finished M’s back and arms I moved to the lower part of her body. First, I applied the oil to her whole leg from toe to lower back using long, light strokes. Then, I began massaging starting at the glute. I rub my hands back and forth over the skin warming it up and increasing blood flow. Next, using my fore arm and upper arm I rub in large circles from the inside out – from her beautiful crack around to the outside of her hip and around again. Next, using both fore arms I rub the entire glute alternating between the right and left arms.

Starting on the thigh I warm it up with both long strokes up and down from the back of her knee up to the bottom of her glute and with short strokes running form the inside of her thigh to the outside. Next I use my fore arm and upper arm first rubbing up the back of the leg and down the outside of the leg and next up the inside of her thigh and down the outside in big circles. Then I rub my palms up the inside of her thigh to where it meets her body at the groin. Alternating right and left hands I massage the place where the leg meets the body gently but firmly stroking from the front of the pelvis to the back trailing my hand closer and closer to the center of her behind. I wait for any kind of rejection or hesitation from her and sensing none I slowly begin to stroke closer and closer to the center of her pelvic region until finally I am beginning my stroke at the tip of her pelvic bone and ending it at the tip of her tail bone. Meanwhile, she had opened her legs wider giving me easier access to her pelvic region. It’s wild how I can feel the difference between the massage oil and her juices! Since I know she is getting totally aroused I take time to massage her clit. I massage her perinium by rotating my balled up fist. Finally I finish this part of the massage by caressing the inner areas of her ass cheeks and the outer areas of her ass hole.

To be continued…

this post is purely fictional and provided solely for entertainment value

Introducing Myself to the Couple

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A man had called to ask about my couples special. I explained it was $85 for the first hour and $60 for every hour after that. He asked, was it sensual for both him and his wife and I said yes. He also wanted to make sure I could massage topless for them and I said yes, I would be happy to guarantee that since another woman would be there. He said ok great he would talk to his wife and get back to me if they wanted to schedule an appointment. I hear back from him and we get all the details squared away. Before the appointment I take a very nice thorough shower…I never know what might happen when another girl is there!

A note on showers: When you are going to be intimate with someone or get a massage it is best to thoroughly clean your ass. The only way I have found to do this is to get my hands extremely soapy and rub soap up into my ass hole. What is awesome about this is the soap acts as a lubricant and you can stick your finger in as far as you want to very easily and even pleasurably. Being a female I do the same thing to my pussy to get all fresh and clean. If I am unsure sometimes I even do it twice. Then, I twist the shower head so the spray turns into one strong stream of water and rinse off all the soap.

Added Service: If you need a shower when I arrive I will be happy to clean you…but it is part of your massage time:)

I arrive to their timeshare and bring in my table. I introduce myself to the husband (who I’ll call R) and he introduces me to the wife (who I’ll call M). They look like they are in their mid 40’s. Very friendly. We chat like I always do with my clients as I set up the massage table, putting on the fresh clean sheets and taking my bottle of oil out of its plastic bag. When I am finished with that I sit on the edge of the table and address M. I tell her that I will go as far sensually as she is comfortable with. There is no performance pressure on her. That if she prefers to have a towel covering her that is fine as well. I will massage her and depending on her reaction and how her body is taking it I will keep going with the sensual part. There is no pressure or expectation on my part that she needs to reach climax and that I will totally follow her lead. If at anytime she gets uncomfortable she just needs to let me know…communication in key. She tells me she appreciates that since this is her first experience with another female although it has been a fantasy for a long time.

It’s her turn for a massage first. She opts for no towel. As usual, I ask her to lay on the table face down while I go to the bathroom and wash my hands. When I return she is on the table and R is on the couch ready to watch. They both want 90 minutes so I make note of the time and get started. I always begin my session by placing both hands on the client’s upper back and getting a feel for their energy. Next, I gently press and squeeze down their back with differing pressure so the client can see how strong I am and I ask if they would prefer soft, medium or hard. M chose medium. I then instruct her to tell me if at anytime she needs more or less pressure to let me know.

To be continued…

this post is purely fictional and provided solely for entertainment value