60 minute massage was client #5 with no release for me! I jumped on the table when he was done so I could cum;)

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Wooh! I feel much better now. I’ve had some amazingly hot and sexy appointments over the last 24 hours but I didn’t get an ultimate climax during any of them. If you’ve been with me you know I am pretty orgasmic and can have several mild orgasms while I would up to the real big one.

My first appointment was a cute couple. They were in such good shape I asked her if she was a body builder! I wasn’t sure if the wife was on board since the husband had set up the whole appointment but as soon as she hopped on the table totally nude I could tell she was open to whatever may happen. I gave her a really good deep tissue back massage. Then I gave her an amazing pussy massage! The whole time the husband laid on the bed and watched. She really liked the technique I used to massage the inner thigh and the groin where the inner thigh meets the torso. Using lots of oil and while she was still face down I pulled my hand from the front of her body to the back with firm pressure slowly getting closer and closer to her clit with every stroke. Finally I was massaging her clit with all four of my fingers pressed together. Then I changed positions and put my thumb into her pussy and rubbed her g-spot while my fingers rubbed her clit. She was getting totally into it so I told her if she rolled onto her back I would put my mouth on her clit. She flipped right over while telling her husband that I knew what to do with a pussy! I put my fingers in her and slid them in and out while leaning over tonguing and sucking her clit. She was grinding hard against my face and I finally placed the palm of my hand against her pubic bone with the heel of my hand hitting her clit and that is how she came.

Then it was hubby’s turn. I gave him the usual back massage, licked his ass and played with him from behind. When he couldn’t take it anymore he turned over. The wife came and stood across from me on the other side of the table so she could let him feel her wetness and watch me play with him. I gave him an amazing hand job. She was so engrossed in watching me play with her husband and he kept lifting his head up to look over her shoulder – them watching me was getting me off!. I finally started licking and sucking his cock. I loved hearing her talk about how hot it was. I asked him if he wanted to cum in my mouth and before he could say anything she said she would love to see that and she’d never seen him cum in someone else’s mouth before. I had one finger up his ass, on fist pumping his cock, held my tongue out and ran it up and down the shaft and head until he came. I held my mouth partially open so she could watch it squirting into my mouth. It was so hot!

After 2 more appointments yesterday and one this morning I finally got my ultimate climax this morning! I’ll write about it later;)