Beginning the Couples Massage

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One piece I forgot to mention in my last post…how I got topless!

I am naturally an exhibitionist. As a female I have gone from one extreme to the other with body image issues. I have been big and I have been skinny. Society says skinny is better. I think it is healthier. Right now I am big. When I first started gaining I was really worried about showing my body. But what I found is there are plenty of people that still like and want my body at this larger size! So I go with it and have a ton of fun. My favorite part about being bigger is that I have c cup boobs! At my thinnest they go down to a cups:(

When I walked into the room from the bathroom and M was on the table I asked if they wanted to watch me take my top off. They said of course. R had told me he was a total boob man. So I did a fun/ny strip tease dance with the big reveal at the end. I like to strip and be admired!

We got the massage started. What is really cool is I don’t just give a body rub. I actually use my intuition and experience to massage your muscles, relaxing them and moving the energy around. I don’t rub on your bones. I rub the meat. As hard as you want. The harder you want it I move from using my hands to using my fists and knuckles to using my fore arms and elbows. I am able to get to the tight knots in the crick of the neck! I am also very accomodating – in a split second if I sense or you tell me that I am putting on too much pressure I am able to correct. I don’t stop what I’m doing, I just correct the pressure and keep going.

The fun thing about doing this topless is that a few times while massaging your back I will lay down against your back stretching my arms out and gently caressing your booty. I also like the feeling of my nipples against the back of your head as I massage your upper back with my fore arms in large strong circles.

To be continued…

this post is purely fictional and provided solely for entertainment value