Taboo Daddy Daughter Role Play

I always say incest is great as long as it is fantasy:)

We started the session with a soft kiss that lingered on for a long time as his hands roamed my body, feeling up under my skirt to enjoy my pantyhose covered hips and thighs.  When our kiss broke, I turned around, and he felt my body all over, first over my dress, then underneath it as I leaned forward against the dresser, sticking my butt out for him to enjoy.  He pushed up my skirt and rubbed my body all over, often reaching around from behind to feel my breasts through my bra and my pussy through my pantyhose.

I could feel his cock poking out,  super hard, and I pushed back against it to rub my butt against his groin.  I was completely wet from all the admiration and feeling how turned on he was.

I turned around, took off everything but my pantyhose and high heels, and he explored my newly exposed skin even more completely with his hands and his mouth.  When I couldn’t wait anymore, I dropped to my knees in from of him to suck on his hard cock.  He wanted more kissing and tasting, and soon we were both on our knees on the floor, kissing and touching each other all over.

We got onto the bed, and I started to kiss my way up his leg, getting close to his cock so he could feel my warm, wet breath, just long enough to tease, then I started at the bottom of his other leg, kissing, licking and letting him feel my hot breath all the way up until I was at his groin again.  This time I broke the tension by licking his testicles.

That is when the taboo role play began.  He started to refer to himself as daddy, and I fell right in line.  Yes, baby girl did like licking daddies cock and balls.  Yes, daddy.  Thank you, daddy.  Then daddy wanted to make his little girl feel good to0 – I had to lay down and open my legs for daddy.  And he made me feel so good!  Such special kisses.  And it had to be out little secret.  No one could find out.  He made me feel things I had never felt before.  Being so naughty sent me over the edge, and I came hard with my daddy’s fingers in my little pussy.

We finished with me taking care of daddy using my mouth while we discussed him impregnating me…  So fucking taboo!!!

Nikki Ivana, redhead, Mature, BBW Escort, Las Vegas Escort, GFE, Fetish, Dominatrix, 702.236.1975, 702-236-1975, 7022361975 Nikki Ivana, redhead, Mature, BBW Escort, Las Vegas Escort, GFE, Fetish, Dominatrix, 702.236.1975, 702-236-1975, 7022361975

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Double Vaginal Penetration and Incest Role Play

Nikki Ivana, BBW Escort, Las Vegas Escort, GFE, Fetish, 702.236.1975, 702-236-1975, 7022361975
Yes I lifted this from a search for DV pics. It was a fun search though!

Mommy told me to get on top of Daddy.

I mounted him and after a few times sliding up and down his cock she got behind me and slid the strapon dildo into my asshole. After we got situated I began pumping my hips in big circles with the dicks taking turns moving in and out of my holes. They were taking such good care of their little girl!

I asked if they wanted to increase the intensity a little. I asked her to change condoms. Continuing to straddle him with his cock in me, she got behind me and Iheld still as she slid her cock into my pussy as well stretching it to the limit. We held that position for a bit and as I adjusted to the stretching sensation I began bouncing against the 2 cocks. All I could think about was the sensation in my pussy with it being so full!

Daddy wanted to cum with Mommy so I lay next to them masturbating as she rode him. She came several times and as he was shooting his load I had my final and largest orgasm.  We came together like a happy family.

Incest Role Play

When we are in session we can do almost anything.  I do have my limits but I love using my imagination.  One of the hottest sessions I’ve had in a long time was this last week where he wanted to be with his mommy.  As a kid he had seen his parents making love and had always masturbated to that memory and the fantasy of making love to his mom.  Once I got his true desire out of him (the age he really was when he started this fantasy) we played there.  With “mommy” teaching him all kinds of things and at the end, since he was a good boy, letting him put his little boy penis inside me just like daddy.

So – that is a kink of mine.  Age play.  Incest play.  Both ways…

Here’s the continuation of the hot story from the spring:


He had me turn around and while he was taking me from behind they started kissing and making out. I said it was like mommy and daddy were making out behind me. We all slipped into the role play. They were mommy and daddy alternately rewarding me and punishing me.

As daddy continued to fuck me mommy started touching my butt. She was getting closer and closer to my asshole. She gently penetrated my tight little hole and began to push in lube and help me relax any anal muscles.

Daddy was so turned on by this he turned me on my back and fucked me deep while mommy put on the strap-on.

To be continued…

Again – the search was too good!  Have to share it all