Pubic Shaving And Anal Massage

It is SO GREAT to be back to work – even on a somewhat limited basis.

I had to share about some fun I had yesterday…

First was a younger guy who came to me to be shaved. He also wanted to experience anal massage. He had never done anything like this before. I had him strip down and put on my rubber gloves. On the table with his butt in the air I first shaved with clippers. Having him lay on his back I shaved the whole front of his pubic area. He was rock hard the whole time! It was neat to see how he was so nervous but trusting me anyways – especially when I went over his testicles and up the shaft of his cock.

With that done I had him get on his hands and knees again. I spread oil from tail bone to pubic bone rewarding his courage with some very nice strokes on his cock. Then I lathered up his ass crack and with a brand new razor I shaved him down to the skin. I began his anal massage at this point gently lubing up his ass. Then I covered a string of anal beads with a condom and slowly put the in as far as he could handle it. I made him keep those in as he turned to lay on his back again.

Anal BeadsI went over the front side of his groin with the razor. His cock was even harder (which I didn’t think was possible). I got the entire area smooth and hair free. I made him get up and get me the trash can and keep the anal beads in hehehehe. When he got back I sat on the end of the table with him on his hands and knees, ass pointing towards me. I slowly removed the beads and penetrated him with my starter dildo. I asked him if it was touching his prostate and found out he had never felt his prostate so he didn’t know. Using my fingers I penetrated his ass and rubbed his prostate with first one finger and then two. With my left hand I pressed against the flesh between his balls and ass so he would really feel the pleasure of pressure on his prostate. He was in total heaven.

When I judged he was ready for the dildo again I put it back in and this time when I asked if it was hitting his prostate he said “Oh Yes!” so I went to work stroking his cock. After awhile I asked if he though he could take more and he said he did and I agreed so I got the dildo that was the next size up. Using that instructing him to fuck back onto it if he liked it – which he did. At the same time I stroked him evenly and deliberately until he lost control and sprayed streams of cum all over the sheet on the table.

Fun Fun!

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