I’m feeling good and want to give a massage!

Here I am on my crutches with a walking boot. I started wearing the boot last Tuesday and I dreaded it because it’s pretty heavy. Now I can’t wait to get it on because it helps me to be soooooo much more mobile.

I finally feel ready to see clients again. I won’t be using the massage table yet but I will do sessions on the bed. These sessions will be relaxed and focused on gentle touch. Of course once I get worked up… there’s no stopping me!

I did take one appointment last week – it wasn’t really massage – and I surprised myself – once the endorphins kicked in I had no problem balancing on the two chairs in his office with my pants down so he could finger fuck my asshole while I sucked his cock. When he couldn’t take it any more he got behind me and we were able to have some really good anal sex. The hardest part of that session was keeping quiet so none of the other lawyers would hear hehehehe.

Hope everyone had a terrific Christmas!

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