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Many of my clients feel very comfortable with me and begin making special requests after we’ve seen eachother a few times. I have one gentleman who was very specific about his desires when he first came to see me and after our first appointment together he was comfortable with inviting me to his home. This last visit was even more interesting.

He enjoys receiving gentle massage but also a great blow job. He cannot use a condom due to medical issues and I do not make him. I do not make my clients use condoms if there are no signs of a problem. He likes to play with my breasts and my pussy but I have put him on pussy penetration restriction because he is a little rough. Yesterday I allowed him to rub my clit and he is slowly earning back that privilege:)

He wanted to try to put me in bondage but I warned against it. If you want to tie someone up you need to know what you’re doing because there are a lot of safety issues with circulation and breath. As an alternative I brought my cuffs (they are velcro and make for a quick release) and straps with clips. Thing was, he was so worked up by the time I got there we didn’t even make it to any bondage.

He’d requested that I arrive wearing my dress with no panties or underwear. When we got up to his room he pulled my boobs out at the top and reach his hand under my skirt in the front. It was so hot! He got me so worked up just sucking on my boobs and finging my clit! I was talking dirty into his ear asking if he liked playing with my dirty slutty pussy and sucking on my titties like a maniac. I begged him to let me suck on his cock talking about how much I love to feel it rubbing against my tongue and tongue ring, to feel it sliding in and out of my lips. The whole time I was massaging his balls and his whole nut sack. I told him how much it was turning me on and how I couldn’t wait to cover his whole sack with my saliva and suck on his balls and see if I could get them both in my mouth at the same time. Finally he couldn’t take it anymore and standing up stuck his hard dick in my mouth. That is what pushed me over the edge and I had a small orgasm on his finger tips.

After catching my breath I did massage his back and legs. I love it when I can talk with my clients and love it even more when I get to learn new things about business – which happens a lot since I am extemely interested in business building and wealth building! It was hard to keep the converstion focus though when I got to massaging the inside of his ass cheeks and then started licking his asshole up and down like an ice cream cone! I like to get it nice and slick and drool down to cover his nuts and then use the saliva to pull on his cock. Then I switch back and forth from pleasing his ass to teasing his cock by pulling it back far enough for me to suck on the head. I kept this up untill he couldn’t take it anymore and rolled onto his back. I lay beside him on my back, both of us tilted our bodies toward eachother a bit and putting his hand on the back of my head started face fucking me like crazy. As I struggled to keep it in my mouth but not let my teeth hit I played with my pussy bringing myself to the edge of orgasm. I told him I couldn’t wait to feel him shoot in my mouth and he started thrusting even more wildly. As I felt the cum flowing into my mouth my orgasm started and I went through an intense round of spasms that made my hips jerk against my hand and had my lips locked around his cock just sucking and sucking until no more was coming out.

We lay for a bit catching our breath. After hitting the shower I left a happy girl:)

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