Could the Adult Swingers Lifestyle Have Stopped Tiger Woods Divorce?

Now that Tiger Woods is divorced I hope he changes his lifestyle. I think that the whole thing could have been avoided if he and his wife had changed their life and their lifestyle!

My husband and I faced divorce in 2008. I had broken our wedding vows in much the same way that Tiger Woods did. I did so because I was afraid to communicate my needs to my husband and therefor I wasn’t getting what I needed. Lucky for us, once we felt we could be honest about what we really wanted (rather than just wanting what we were taught to want) we were able to renegotiate our whole marriage agreement and recreate it to make a lifestyle we really enjoy. Unluckily, it took us hurting each other emotionally to such extremes that we believed we couldn’t cause any more pain and therefor were completely free to talk about our true feelings. Having already faced the ultimate rejection of divorce, the concern of judgement or rejection was lifted.

Now we are in the swinging lifestyle here in Vegas. I have relationships with ladies on the side sometimes – I love women! We play together. When I am in an erotic situation for my work I follow our agreed upon boundaries to the best of my ability. We have a good thing going and I won’t jeopardize it for anything – no amount of money could take the place of what we have.