Life In Progress

3 months.  Since my last post.  Lots of life has been happening – all good stuff:)  I’ll be able to share more as time goes on but if you want the private scoop and you know me and my girlfriend feel free to shoot me an email directly at

I’ll share the latest and greatest right now though:)

Basically, I’ve been really developing my orgasmic meditation practice.  It’s been carrying over into my sessions at times as I slow down and allow sensation to build completely.

Of course there’s always the time and the place for hard and fast – and what’s really interesting is that I have been in touch with my softer more vulnerable side – and that’s brought out the aggressive in you during several sessions.  Such a fun ride!

I was doing a lot of dating (in case you missed it – in the spring hubby and I decided to experiment with polyamoury) and that was leaving me very frustrated.  I have now found a couple of people who I have a deep heart connection with and have stopped seeking more.  It is a blessing I’m grateful for – and it’s totally fucking hot because I get to be with different lovers every day whether I’m seeing you or not.  And then when I do get to see you I usually show up wet and ready and eager to have a shared intimate experience like none other.

One of these situations is super kinky (think extreme role play) and I’ll be writing more about that soon on my BDSM blog

Otherwise I’ve been focusing on my health – my boobs have been a wonderful inspiration.  Also, pain is a great motivator and I was having pain in my hip.  This kicked off a lot of new habits and I’ve released 25lbs so far.  I’m not going to go down too much more – I just wanted to make the Dr. a little happier with my numbers.

Here are some cute pics I took today with a lover during a stop for gas.  I hope you enjoy:)

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Kinky Canadians

kinky canadian escortI love it when I walk into a room and it’s someone I recognize from before!  I soooo appreciate my repeat clients:)  And, now that I’ve been in the business almost 5 years I have a lot of them!

I also have a fairly large client base from Canada.  In addition to coming for conventions they also like to come here to thaw out LOL.  Then they come to see me and I really warm them up – like last night…

I got to his room and after some small talk I just couldn’t wait and I got down on my knees and pulled his dick out and wrapped my mouth around it.  He was uncircumcised and very clean and it was fun to run my tongue around the inside of his foreskin as he got harder and harder.  Eventually I pulled back the foreskin exposing his moist glans and alternated between swirling my tongue around the glans and taking his full length down my throat.

After awhile we got up to move to the bed quickly taking off all our clothes.  I kneeled next to him so my booty was by his head and leaned over to continue sucking on his nice cock.  He had a good time rubbing, patting and lightly spanking my ass until he couldn’t take it anymore and pulled me into position with my pussy right in front of his face.

He didn’t lick me which was a horrible tease for me but I could feel his gaze and his warm breath.  As I became completely aroused I started humping my ass up and down, respecting that he didn’t want to lick me but only look as I bobbed my head up and down in the same rhythm.  We built up the arousal to his peak where he put his hands on my head and held me still while he ejaculated into my mouth.  SO HOT!!

I love my kinky Canadians!