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Nikki Ivana, tantra, tantrika, dominatrix, prostate massage, BBW Escort, Las Vegas Escort, GFE, Fetish, 702.236.1975, 702-236-1975, 7022361975Last month, I had a fabulous session full of juicy yumminess!  Scroll down if you would prefer to see me talking about it on video instead of reading about it.

He had requested a session with kink, domination, strap-on play, and body worship. As soon as I arrived, we were able to drop into resonance with each other very quickly. We were both very excited and had a lot of anticipation leading up to our session.

I sat on the couch. He got down on his knees and I had him take off my socks and shoes. He started worshipping my feet with his hands and his mouth.

I told them to lick and kiss his way up my leg. He started with my right foot. When he moved to my left foot, I put my right foot on his cock through his pants and pulsed my foot against his cock while he was kissing my leg up toward my pussy.

I was like, “You want to see it, don’t you”?

I pulled my panties aside and let him take a good book, and he started licking, and he was very good at it. He was very in tune with me and my pussy. That was a nice treat!

He was licking my pussy, making it feel good, and in my head, I was thinking, you know, I think I might be able to cum!

I told him okay, go get naked and lay down on the bed face up with your head toward the foot of the bed.

He did all that. I admired his sexy cock ring and his hard cock as I took off my clothes. I straddled his head with my thighs and gently sat on his face. He started licking me, and the better it felt, the more pressure I put on his face until I was grinding my pussy into his face.

It was so delicious!

I told him I want to play with my pussy because I think I can go over the edge. I had him put his arms through my legs so that I could straddle his face better, and I opened my ass cheeks and put my asshole right on his tongue and made him eat my ass while I was stroking my clitoris and soaking up all the pleasure.

His cock got super hard, and I could tell he was on the edge even though I wasn’t giving him any direct stimulation on his cock.

I was letting myself feel all the goodness and all the energy until I started cumming! Then he started cumming without me even touching his cock!

It was so amazing!

He shot a huge load all over my arm and all over his belly!

After that, we had to lie down and catch our breath. We chit-chatted a little bit, and once we had reached homeostasis again, I asked if he thought he could cum again? Did he want to keep playing?

He was unsure of what he wanted to do. He didn’t know if he wanted a massage or not.

Since I had my flogger with me, I suggested we get that out and see what was possible. I flogged him for a little while, and I spanked him for a bit with lots of dirty talk about what a nasty, naughty boy he was.

And then he was being so good I started looking at his hungry little asshole and rewarded him with some very, very special kisses from Mistress on his asshole, and he was just like was getting really aroused again, really erect.

I told him that we have to explore this. I got out my gloves and my lube, and I started massaging his asshole and stretching him open.

He was so hungry for it! I got my strap on, and I started making love to his asshole with my smaller dildo, and we tried a few different positions. I used a new trick I learned which is to use a towel around his waist to help me fuck harder so our bodies would have more impact with each thrust. We had several massive peaks as I was pegging him. He was a good anal slut!

Our time together came to an end, and I left him happy. It was so satisfying and gratifying, and I just wanted to share it with all of you.


Please do let me know if you are in Las Vegas or coming to Las Vegas and would like to experience:

  • full body sensual massage (FBSM)
  • Tantra (lingam, yoni, and sacred spot massage)
  • prostate massage
  • a girlfriend experience (GFE)
  • strap-on/pegging
  • receive oral from me (BBBJ) aka cock worship and/or rimming (DATO)
  • lick my pussy (DATY)
  • play with sensation and explore fetishes
    • light bondage
    • facesitting
    • kinky massage/bondassage
    • FemDom
    • role play
    • spanking
    • impact play
    • water sports
    • feminization
    • CBT

We can go super slow and sensual using tantric techniques or have more enthusiastic, aggressive, and even rough sex.

I can come to you (outcall, in-room massage), or you can come to me (incall).

You can find all my rates at Las Vegas Masseuse – Therapeutic, Sensual and Kinky

Make it a sexy day!
Nikki The Las Vegas Masseuse
7022361975 (text is best – at least at first

Sensual Domination, Face Sitting, Body Worship, Pegging, And Lingerie In Las Vegas

pegging, las vegas dominatrix, strap on play

I recently had an excellent power exchange session with sensual domination.  I arrived early in the morning dressed somewhat casually. We sat and talked for a while. As it became clear that was on the submissive side, I had him rearrange the chairs, so they were face-to-face. I put my feet in his lap for him to massage as we continued to discuss what we were going to do, what his desires were, and what his boundaries were.  He could not stop commenting about how good my skin felt on my feet and legs!  I love being adored like that.

I went into the bathroom to change into a sexy black body stocking and high heels.  When I was ready to come out, I told him to close his eyes. I came out and stood in front of him with a crop in my hand and told him to open his eyes. I took his breath away. For the rest of the session, I had my way with him. We explored some flogging and spanking at first.  Then I had him lay on his back, and I told him he better hold still, or I would spank him in a way that he would not enjoy it. Then I straddled his head, putting my pussy right above his face teasing him with it. I loved feeling his excited breath on my pussy as I touched him all over his chest and belly, getting closer and closer to his hard cock. When I was ready for him to lick me, I took my panties off and told him to stick out his tongue. Again, I straddled his head, and this time I lowered my pussy onto his tongue to the point where my clit was on it directly. I enjoyed grinding on his tongue with varying intensity from soft to hard, depending on where my mood took me. And the peak of pleasure, I leaned forward and took his cock into my mouth. After not very long, he asked me if he could cum, and I said no, absolutely not.

I got up off him and said, “it’s time for your inspection. Lay on your stomach”. While he was changing positions, I put on my glove and got some lube.  Starting at his left foot, I bent over, opened my mouth wide, and exhaled hot breath onto the back of his leg.  I slowly moved my face up the back of his leg, letting him feel my warm breath up to his groin.  I continued with the warm breath up and down the crack of his butt.  Then, I went to the bottom of his right leg and repeated the whole thing on the right.  This time, when I finished with the hot breath on his ass crack, I teasingly licked his butt cheeks.  I started on the outside, slowly working my way closer and closer to his ass hole, eventually licking his ass. He was squirming and grinding into the bed with pleasure.  When I was ready to, I sat up and positioned myself between his thighs to massage his butt crack and his ass hole.  After a thorough anal massage, I slid my finger in and massaged his prostate. He was enjoying that, and I slowly worked him up to 2 fingers.  I determined that he was ready for the strap-on.

I put on my harness and put a dildo in it with a condom on it. I made him give head to my dildo before using it on his ass hole.   I used the strap-on as a prosthetic penis, making it feel good against my body as well.   We did several positions, some where he could feel the weight of my body pressing against his, others where I had access to stroke his penis. After a while, he felt complete with the anal play, so we decided to finish with oral.   I rewarded him for being such a good little submissive boy by worshiping his cock and balls. I sucked him to climax and swallowed his cum!


I will be visiting Pittsburgh, PA.  I will have time for sessions June 3rd and 4th.  Please let me know if you are interested:)