Hot Sessions With Wanda

New people always bring excitement. It’s one of the reasons I love what I do – new people, variety – it really keeps me happy! I know my clients like it too. So far I’ve had 3 sessions with Wanda and every one has been super steamy.

I first met Wanda about a year ago. We had a session together at that time that was extremely intense. In addition to massage there was bondage, lots of dirty talk and oral service for him.

Life circumstances lead her away from me for awhile and now she’s back for appointments. She has a very nice touch. Even though she doesn’t offer intercourse she is very sensual and she has perfect titties for all kinds of play. She is also very service oriented and orally talented.

Let me know if you want an appointment with Wanda and I. She will only come out with me – for now.

About 4 Handed Appointments

I truly enjoy taking one of my friends with me on appointments. I love women and both of the gals I’m working with right now are very into me and I’m very into them. Telly has been a friend of mine for 5 years and we are friends with benefits. I’ve known Wanda for about a year. I met her through a social group we are both members of.

A lot of my clients have told me that having two girls at once is a major fantasy for them. For the brave few who’ve hired us for a 4 handed massage we’ve been able to make their fantasies come true.

The problem is men are nervous to hire 2 girls because they’re afraid they’ll get robbed (I found out that’s called “rolled”). I think that’s a legitimate concern. And most men think there would be nothing they could do about this if it happened to them because they were breaking the rules themselves and therefore wouldn’t be able to get help from the authorities.

One client of mine said a female had robbed him in his room (it can happen with just one girl, it doesn’t take 2). He did report it to the authorities and she was already under investigation for another incident. Ultimately she was prosecuted and punished. I think it’s because Las Vegas is geared toward tourism and will do whatever can be done to make our visitors happy and feel secure. I don’t believe the men who reported the incidents ever had any problems.

To be quite honest, my friends and I are at a huge risk. We are willing to take this risk because we love what we do and the money we make. We see it’s a needed service – needed on so many levels I don’t have time to explain right now.

Please feel free to comment and share any questions or concerns. If you want me to keep them private just say so in your comment and I will not post it.

Working With An Apprentice

It is fun! Scheduling is a bit challenging but we are making it work. Helen is a very quick learner, nice, funny and very interesting. She’s from England so she has a different take on many things. Also, she has her own porn site and her one blog so there are some things she’s teaching me. And she has no problem showing her new boobs either;) Which is a treat for me since I get to look the whole appointment.

I am looking to add a few more apprentices so if you or anyone you know would be interested please let me know. You can email me directly at