Las Vegas Masseuse 2-8-18 Update

Originally there was a video here and the following was a transcript from it.  Unfortunately youtube deleted my account and I lost the video:/


Hi! Nikki, the Las Vegas Masseuse here.
I just wanted to give an update since I
haven’t made any videos in a little

For the first month of
the year I was busy moving into my new
apartment. It’s really nice and I
have a room just for incall massage and
coaching and all the different things I

I’m living all alone now so
that’s different.
For those of you who
knew I was also doing AirBNB at my
last place.

I started getting some massage and
most of you know all my training has
been hands on and basically
learning by experience – whether that’s
experience of what feels good to give
or having received something good from
another massage therapist – and let me
tell you – this girl is good!

My massage is improving so much because I’m
able to translate what she does when I
receive it to what I could do when I
give it and it’s very deep powerful
work getting really into like the
connections the muscles.

That also carries over to of course to the
entire groin area, the pelvic floor, all
the muscles in the anal area, the butt
cheeks, the tailbone area.
All of that so it’s been really good yeah!

I’ve had some really good sessions definitely as
always that I’ve gotten to make people
feel really good and expand their
experience of pleasure and I always love
that very much.

I guess the only thing that’s coming up is I am having a
surgery and if you’ve seen me in the
last six months or so for massage with
the works then you know I had surgery
and my anal area.

It’s nothing sexual – it’s kind of a
long story – if you want to know what it is
I’m happy to explain it but basically I
had that surgery and it was supposed to
heal within like two or three months and
it didn’t heal so they’re going
back in and redoing part of the surgery
so I’m going to be out of commission

You like that green drink? This is
called die hard greens there’s no fruit
in here.
I’ve been really working on my
health and I saw this YouTube video
about cleansing and so yeah green juice
and green smoothies yeah it’s been
really good!

So anyways – I’ll be out of
commission for at least two weeks.
Last time I believe it was four weeks before
I was able to start with massage again
and that was just like slowly starting
but the doctor said that the recovery
time this round should be easier because
he’s not going have to do as much
cutting on me as he has in the past.

Hopefully within two to three weeks I’ll
be back to light duty massage and then
last time it wasn’t until the end of
October so two months before I was able
to have like gentle love making.

I don’t know if I’ll be looking at that long of
downtime again for any penetrative
I don’t know it’s important
I have to let it heal to
certain extent like even though it
hasn’t been healed I’ve still been
working and also having intercourse with
my boyfriend and having lots of fun but
no anal.

I haven’t I’m missing anal pleasure so much I love anal
pleasure I love receiving worship – ass
worship – I love face sitting –
and I haven’t been able to do any of
that for a whole year because the whole
problem started in January last year.

I’m really hoping that this surgery will
heal the whole issue and I’ll be like
new and I am telling you I will never
neglect that area of my body when it
comes to pleasure again period because I
just I miss it so much.

I didn’t mean
to get off on that tangent but so
that’s what’s going on with me.

I’m going to try to just keep on sharing all
the good stuff that’s going on with me and let
you know all the good stuff and some of
the hard stuff too and any of you that
are into like prayers/healing vibes feel
free to send them my way.

My surgery is going to be on the 16th of
February in the morning I go in I believe.
It’s an in-and-out procedure.
I’ll be going in for a couple hours come
out the same day.
I don’t have to stay in
the hospital overnight – thank goodness!

I’ve also been really blessed
with a lot of friends that are
supporting me and taking you know
volunteering for days and shifts and so
forth so on so if you are
someone that knows me and one of my
regulars and you feel like you want to
come see me and bring over a meal or cup
of tea or coffee –

I don’t know I’m debating about
possibly stopping coffee and using this
as an opportunity to stop but I love
coffee so much so I’m having an internal
debate about that so yeah if you’re local
one of my regulars and you want to
connect even though we can’t play then
I’m definitely up for that because last
time this happened in August
I went pretty crazy just you know being
alone in the house and that’s why this
time I’m scheduling a lot of people like
almost every day for the first week I
have someone scheduled to come over and
then other people who could bring meals
or whatever if I need over so all right
that’s what’s going on with me.

Make sure
that you know take care of yourself
and if you have any questions about
other providers while I’m not available
let me know.

I do have one friend right
now that I can definitely recommend and
that I have a couple and they want to
help me out even though it’s not just
the gal it’s a couple and that’s kind of
different so if you wanted to play
around with a threesome with two men and
a female they’re really really awesome
couple so yeah that’s what I got.

All right make it a sexy day

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