It’s Your Choice


I’ve received a few interesting calls so I thought I should address this issue.

People have asked if I have to do anal on them.  No, if you don’t like anal I won’t do it.  Period.  I don’t do anything you don’ want.

A couple has asked if I have to include BDSM.  No, if you want sensual and erotic playtime or massage time with out additional kinks or fetishes, that’s fine!

On this blog I tend to write about my more extreme sessions.  I do this because I have to share them with someone!  I mean, all these experiences build up inside and this is the perfect outlet.  I do talk to telly about it – but aren’t they entertaining?  I like the idea that my erotic writing is giving arousal to people across the united stated (and around the world).

Things we do during our time together are catered and customized to you and your preferences.  If you want to experience something new, terrific.  If you want to push a limit, I’m the girl to do it.  If you want to totally relax and just enjoy the moment without worrying about integrating something new and different, that’s fine too.  A lot of my clients don’t even want full service or GFE – and they don’t have to do it.

I also follow whatever boundaries you give me.  I have had sessions using condoms for blow jobs, dental dams for when I licked their ass and for when they ate my pussy, gloves for anal play, and even total outer course – just body to body rubbing without any penetration at all.  All of that is good!

Stay Sexy!

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