Building Arousal

I love feeling arousal!  I love building arousal in my partner and myself until we are both totally wet.  I like teasing to no end – playing with myself as I use my mouth on my partner’s cock.  I like to lay with my head in his lap, sucking on his dick, massaging his balls with my left hand, as I stroke my pussy with my right.  I like the feeling of being a good little cocksucker and holding my legs open for the world to see how wet and swollen my pussy is while I play with myself.  I love it when I feel his hands on my hair or reaching down and fondling my breasts.  I enjoy hearing him vocalize his pleasure.  I like being vocal to and the way it sounds as my moans get cut off by the deepening thrusts of his dick down my throat.

Today I had a great session where this is the position we ended in.  As he came closer and closer to climax he began thrusting his hips making his cock go deeper and gently but firmly holding his hand on the back of my head so I could deep throat him.  It was as I was gagging that I felt him cumming in my mouth – a huge load that spilled out of my mouth and down my cheek.

This was the grand finale after I had spent so much time on his face that he brought me to the point of squirting into his mouth.  I was leaned over his body, my breasts pressed against his belly, sucking on his hard cock bringing him to the edge of orgasm over and over.  He kept pulling my head up and continuing to lick and suck my pink pussy as I watched his feet curl and uncurl in total pleasure.  Then we we changed positions and I did some deep anal/prostate massage.

What a great session!  So glad I get to see him again tomorrow:)

Do you think it was the shoes?  Here are the shoes I wore:

Sexy white high heels

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