The Bellman

He works at an upscale property on the strip but he sees me to get his fix. Finding himself in an unhappy marriage, he comes to me weekly for needed companionship and release. And man, is this guy hot! Now, I am not worried about looks. I am for hire, not dating. But there is something about this guy that gets me super hot!

I think he thinks I’m hot too. The last time he came over he asked if we could start with the happy ending because he was really horny. “Of course”. So the first half hour ended up being sensual play – SO HOT! I didn’t rush him, I actually let it stretch out til he asked me to make him cum. And then when he did I had to excuse myself to go to the bathroom and clean up – I had become extremely aroused!

I finished his hour working on his neck, back, glutes, legs and feet. He likes to hear about all the adventures I’ve had since his last appointment so we chat away. When we’re all finished, he gets in the shower and gets going back to reality.

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