I was on the RedBook forum and a question came up about bondassage and the pricing.  Here was my response:)

Bondassage looks so cool!  I’ve been doing versions of this in my practice for years but the gal who coined this term is super smart.

I actually started out with just FBSM and since I was getting so many requests for fetishes – and was able to deliver – I added fetish and dominatrix services as well. 

Although I don’t do “Bondassage” as described, I love sessions where I get to strap someone down and tease, torture, pleasure and play with someone.

As for pricing – always keep in mind – if it’s a specialty it’ll be more.  If the person took training they paid for it.  If they’re licensed as an LMT it’s an additional risk.  Of course I’m more expensive because I offer mutual pleasure.  It all factors in.

Stay Sexy,
Nikki Ivana