My California Trip Was Terrific!

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I love what I do and I am super grateful I can pack up my table and take it with me wherever I go. I just spent 4 full days at a conference in the Westin LAX. I met 2 new gentlemen and was able to invite a previous friend to meet in my hotel room vs. his hehehe.

Interesting hightlights:

  • I got to massage a man whose entire backside was tattooed. That was cool because as I went over it I could see every detail. His art went down the the middle of the back of his thighs.
  • I gave a high stress business man a break from reality.
  • I was told once again that I was amazing:) His best experience ever!
  • I began a session with watching one of my videos, playing with myself while sucking the tip of his dick until I came at the same time my girlfriend did in the video. That was sooooo hot!
  • I got to meet a sexy movie star and offer him a massage. While he couldn’t take me up on it he did ask for my card and that was thrilling.

The conference was good – all about small business marketing which I totally enjoy. I also enjoy telling people I a sex mentor and hearing all their stories and questions… I’ll be blogging about some of those on my other sites.