Video Update Las Vegas Masseuse Visiting Oahu

Originally there was a video here and the following was a transcript from it.  Unfortunately youtube deleted my account and I lost the video:/

The Las Vegas Masseuse is visiting Oahu and will be available for sessions the 19th thru the 23rd.

Session options include
~FBSM, prostate massage, tantra style massage
~Fetish, Dominatrix, role play

Here is the transcript from the video:

hi Nikki the Las Vegas masseuse here
wanted to do an update check-in what

have you first of all I am super excited
I’m going to Hawaii for ten days so I

will be in Oahu from the th to the
th and I am busy for the first five

days because I have a client whom we are
having the vacation together in Hawaii

and so that’s like a fantasy kind of
dream come true type of thing

I love being brought places and
traveling is so much fun and I went to

Hawaii once before when I was so it’s
like years ago cuz I’m now and

it’s just gonna be good to go and be
with him for the first five days and

then the second five days I’m not quite
sure what’s gonna happen I was gonna

stay with a friend a gal pal of mine but
she might not be able to host me and I’m

thinking I might have an adventure and
stay in a hostel just because I don’t

really want to be alone and I think stay
in the hostel would be more just expose

me to more people plus I’ll have a
kitchen there and so that’s my thought

but I think also I would like to do some
massages and some sessions while I’m in

Hawaii so hopefully this video will get
to the right people and the right people

will see my website and if I do have
sessions and of course I’ll get like a

regular hotel right so that’s what’s
going on with that let’s see with my

health stuff I my butt is all better if
you have been following me for the last

year and you know that I had some issues
with my anal area

and some surgeries and I am happy to
report that I am healed I am having some

anal play in fact its masturbation
Awareness Month May and I’ve been using

my daily masturbation time been using
part of it to do self massage on my anal

area and then it’s really good because I
love the sensations there and I’m

getting myself to relax and open up
again and ah it’s just – I’m so glad! so I’m

glad to be putting that back on the menu
although we do have to be very mindful

and and slow and gentle because there is
still tenderness and it’s very tight

after no anal play for over a year so
that’s that’s the update on my butt other

stuff ever since I recovered from that
surgery I’ve been focusing on exercising

my right hip this is something I don’t
know if I’ve mentioned it before but my

right hip since has started getting
bad and painful and it’s kind of just

progressed over the years and I’ve lost
a lot of mobility and strength in the

hip and it’s been kind of weird so I
finally got to a point where it was I

couldn’t ignore it and it was you know
like there’s so many times we have a

problem and it’s like we can find the
workarounds to that problem and that’s

what I was doing I was just finding the
workaround constantly and I ran out of

workarounds so I got a personal trainer
who is he should be a physical therapist

basically and I’ve been seeing him three
times a week and really working it out

which is great but I had like a little
bit of a mishap because it will

cramp up now because I’m working it and
the muscles like fuck you I don’t want

to work so you know sometimes in a session
or when I first get to a

session it might be tight or cramping up
and that that can be a little

embarrassing but I just go in and
stretch out we chat get to get

acquainted and then we can go and play
on the bed so I’m I’m visualizing so I

have this list of things I want to do
when my hip is better and so some of the

things on the list are like you know ice
skating and going for long walks and

going to theme parks I love theme parks

dancing I love dancing all these things
I’ve kind of slowly been not doing in my

life because of my hip but the one thing
I can not wait to do is Chinese cowgirl

and I used to do it all the time
but this is a thing where you get I get

in cowgirl position on top and then I
put my feet flat on the ground and then

put myself up and down using my feet and
it’s it’s really good there’s like

really deep penetration then I can get a
lot of momentum going and it’s very hot

so I just always am visualizing what I
want to be the outcome rather than what

is happening and and bring my body and
my reality up to where I want it to be

so all right well that is it I know that
it’s been super difficult to find people

now that Backpage is closed down and a
lot of other places are closed to us in

the u.s. I don’t know one idea is you
could try getting a VPN a virtual IP

address this is so that you could say
that your computer is in Canada

and then you could probably access more
websites then you can now because for

example the erotic review is just
blocking traffic from the USA I don’t

actually even know if my my reviews are
still on there I’ve been super lucky and

luck for me is a mix of preparedness and
opportunity when preparedness meets

opportunity that’s luck and I’ve been
developing my website since so now

that this is happening with Backpage I’m
actually doing complete I’m completely

steady with my work because people are
finding my website because I’ve been

developing it for so long so I feel for
you if you’ve been looking for girls

I’ve been getting a lot of requests for
different girls and I’m like I can’t

unfortunately I don’t know a lot of
people I’m kind of a lone wolf at this

point and I just I wish everyone the
best I am trying to work it out with

some friends to do referrals but it’s
it’s not easy because a lot of not very

many girls offer the mix of services
that I offer so it’s it’s very

challenging so good luck if you do find
good sites feel free to share them with

me so I could pass them on to people
that are contacting me looking for their

own providers if I don’t fit what they
were looking for all right long enough

this is a good check-in make it a sexy