His First Anal Experience

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I usually have fun during my appointments but this was really fun! My client schedule a 1hr massage with the works. He was cute – Mexican business man on his lunch break. I began the session with him on my table face down and massaged his back getting him nice and relaxed. I asked him about his sexual experience and he said he was really happy with it. I asked him if he was interested in – and listed off a variety of fetishes and such. He asked what some of them were but didn’t express a huge interest – maybe it was a language barrier.

What I like to do after I massage the back is lean over and kiss the butt cheeks. I only do this if the person is very clean. Because the next step is to lick the ass cheeks. I get a pretty good amount of saliva going so there’s enough lube to use my fingers and gently massage the outside of their asshole. Then I begin to use my tongue. He was getting so excited arching his back and sticking his ass into the air to feel it all. I rimmed him, running my tongue around his asshole not only on the exterior but a bit inside as well. I did different motions with my tongue to make it feel different ways and it was amazing how his body involuntarily reacted to it all – lifting, pushing, wiggling, swaying.

Things were going so well I reach underneath his belly and pulled out his cock to stroke while I used the fore finger of the other hand to penetrate his asshole. He was so hard! I quickly found his prostate and began to rub that in circular motions while jacking his cock from behind. Eventually he couldn’t take it anymore and asked if he could turn over.

With him on his back I hung my boobs in his face while reaching up to pull on his cock. He was so hard! I asked him if he would fuck me in the ass – it just seemed like the right thing at the moment – and he said yes. I put the condom on his cock and we both stood up next to the massage table. I leaned over it and he got behind me and began to slide his cock in and out of my ass. It was awesome! After a few dozen stokes he couldn’t take it anymore and had a spectacular orgasm.

As we were recovering and cleaning up he had the best expression on his face. He asked if I surprised many people by having this experience with them. The answer is yes… many people have tried the things I do with them without success. Once I am with them they learn ways to do it that feel good!