Great Strip Club Experience

I always enjoy strip clubs.  I love women!  My favorite is Spearmint Rhino because whenever I’ve gone there’s lots of girls to look at.  I’ve taken a friend there for lunch too – they have pretty good food.

My most over the top experience though was when a guy was coming into town and wanted company to the club.  His kink was to see women together.  I had the most amazing time!  He would get me dances from 3 or 4 girls and then the one we liked best we would hire for the 3 dance package in the booth.  We did this 2 times!  I’m so lucky being a girl that even if I climax I can keep having fun because it’s not that big of a mess the way it is with a guy.

We topped it off the next night in his room.  I gave him a massage while we waited for an escort to come.  Then he mostly watched while we played.  What a great guy he was!