Las Vegas Masseuse | Complete Relaxation and Cuddling | Check In Part 4 of 8

I love it that I can help people feel completely and totally relaxed during our sessions. Sometimes clients even fall asleep! I consider this an honor because it means they are super relaxed and also they feel safe with me.

Cuddling is definitely something I love to do and sometimes it is exactly what is needed.

Here is the video transcript:

hi Nikki the Las Vegas masseuse and this is part I think three just telling some

sexy stories what’s been going on for the past couple of weeks and I will say

I actually sometimes people fall asleep in sessions and I actually consider that

an honor and it happens in different under different circumstances like

sometimes it’ll happen during massage that someone will fall asleep right on

the table as I’m massaging them and so I do keep massaging but I try to keep it

very even and rhythmic so that I don’t make them up I have one client who loves

my blowjobs so much he says it’s the most relaxing thing he has in his life

is to come get a blowjob from me so he actually is able to relax enough to take

a catnap while I’m giving him a blowjob so that’s interesting I know a

lot of people would maybe take that the other way like it’s not good not a good

blowjob if you could sleep through it but he stays hard

he’s definitely enjoying it and he’s just able to relax completely and then

this other this past session where someone took a little nap it’s like

someone that I’ve been seeing for a few years and we had our sexy time and you

know I know you’re tired when you’re traveling and a lot of people are

dealing with jetlag and it was so nice after sex to just cuddle and he like

fell out he’s snoring and everything and I just I feel really honored by that I

feel like it’s a huge level of trust and vulnerability and I’m happy to hold that

space and whether I’m just staying awake and cuddling you or I set an

alarm and I let myself rest as well that’s that’s fine because sometimes

that’s what we need is that touch even while we’re resting so that’s what I

want to say about that about sleeping during sessions all right I need to make

another video keep keep clicking

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