Las Vegas Masseuse – Pro Dom session story – Check In Part 2 of 8


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hi Nikki the Las Vegas masseuse and I have a whole bunch of sexy stories to

share with you I was I was just trying to make some notes what I wanted to say

and I’m like oh my gosh I’ve had a lot of really hot sessions you can tell there’s

like all these notes are all about different sessions and all the things

that I’ve done and I want to talk about and and let you know that I offer and I

enjoy so I’m just gonna go down the list you’re welcome to watch this

at an increased speed I don’t know if you know you can do that on YouTube but

on the upper right hand corner there’s three little dots and you can click on

those dots and you can change the playback speed so if you feel like you

could listen to me faster just change the playback speed I will not be upset I

do that all the time it lets me watch a lot more videos then

I could otherwise so alright so I’m gonna get started with all my sexy

experiences the last couple of weeks and that will explain why I haven’t had a check in

in a couple of weeks too so first of all I had this one meet with a friend /

client and he requested classy high heels and I was so excited because I

haven’t really gotten any new high heels in a long time and also I knew that if

he’s asking for nice high heels he would notice if they were really nice or if

they were worn so I wanted to get some new heels and so these are the heels I

bought mmm they were very sexy but it’s kind of a funny story because some of

you know I have like little hip issues so I was like I know I could walk in

these I’m strong enough now but it will hurt a little bit so I had to take some shots

before I went up to the room but it was fine it all worked out

then we went up and we took a shower together

that was really nice and we washed each other got all sudsy and cleaned all our

cracks and crevices and then we went to the bed and played and did a lot

of oral a lot of licking everywhere genital anal area and just teasing and

playing and then we did some golden showers I know not everybody’s into that

kind of thing but some people are and I did do that with him and so the way I

like to do that is putting the receiver well we can do it on the bed and

especially if you like like a human toilet play then that’s awesome that’s

really intense for me it’s a really intense level of intimacy for both of us

and you can let me know whether you just like the sensation if you like the

intimacy or if you also like humiliation and degradation because then I’ll work

that into my verbage of what you know the dirty talk that I do you while we’re

having our sexy time so we did do I can’t remember if we did some on the bed

or if we only did in the in the bathroom but the way I like to do golden

showers is just to have the receiver go in the bath or the shower and that way

it’s not a big mess but a lot of times people don’t care about the mess anyway

so I’m gonna actually break these up into several different videos because I

know it can it can be a lot to handle and also I want to have it specific to

you and your preferences cuz maybe you won’t click on this video if you’re not

into golden showers but you might be into another one so there you go

alright see you on the next part

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