How And Why I Learned To Squirt (Female Ejaculation)

Squirting is something I can do and I enjoy doing but it is good to know in advance if that is something you want to see.  I have to make sure I’m well hydrated and rested.  I normally try not to see more than one person per day but this is something that definitely can take a lot of energy so I need to know to plan the rest of my daily activity around it.

I learned about female ejaculation at a time in my life when I was wide-eyed and newly liberated sexually. My husband and I were exploring sexually. I was just beginning to teach about sexuality. I don’t remember who first asked me about female ejaculation, but I had never heard of it before and had no idea about it at all. I asked my husband about it, and he showed me a porn star known for ejaculation – Cytherea – and his enthusiasm about it made me sure that I wanted to try it out.
Turns out that was easier said than done. I did a ton of research. I found out about the anatomy and physiology of the vagina on a completely new and deeper level. And I started to try to do it myself.

It was a process that went on about 7 months before I had my first experience. It was during a masturbation session. I had been practicing all the things I had learned, and I must have been aroused enough and strong enough in my pelvic floor that it finally happened. I was completely blown away by the intensity of the sensation, the pleasure, and the sheer amount of fluid that poured from me.

I was surprised that the fluid did not squirt, it was more of a gush. I was relieved that I could do it and that it was as pleasurable as I had hoped it would be. I felt like my whole body opened up and that orgasmic energy was moving through me. Once I went over the edge, and I was completely in my involuntary – I could not have stopped it if I wanted to.

After that first time, I had to try hard to make it happen again. As I did it more frequently, the easier it got. Eventually, I did get to the point where I was squirting and could get a few feet of projection away from my body.

Now I don’t squirt every time I have sex. In fact, I rarely do because it is quite messy. And I’m rarely with a lover who really loves it. To become stimulated enough to ejaculate and to take the space of making the mess is a unique situation. I’m grateful for the experiences I’ve had. They have helped me to own my pleasure at a deeper level than I otherwise would have.

Cock Worship and Squirting With The Las Vegas Masseuse Escort

Nikki Ivana, redhead, Mature, BBW Escort, Las Vegas Escort, GFE, Fetish, Dominatrix, 702.236.1975, 702-236-1975, 7022361975July has gotten off to a great start with super hot sessions!

Mentally, I get off on being an escort, being paid to go to strange men’s rooms and do super intimate naughty things with them.  It’s a thrill and an extreme turn on for me.  Yes, I’m very safe with verifying who I’m seeing and using condoms and such, but the fact that I’m doing what I’m doing is so naughty and socially unacceptable is hot to me.  I love my inner slut/nymphomaniac/whore.  I love looking at my client’s face and seeing how aroused they are because I’m worshiping his cock and playing with my wet pussy.  I love the thrill of getting fingerbanged and edging on the verge of climax then squirting all over his hand and face while I cum hard.  My pussy is getting wet just writing about this.


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Mischevious Massage Monday! Having a little fun to start the week off;)

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I am definitely feeling playful today! I had a couple of great appointments yesterday that left me totally worn out but now I’m rested and ready let you relax:)

I got to learn a new acronym yesterday – DATY. It means Dine At The Y. Which is a phrase I use all the time since I love eating pussy – I had just never seen it written out that way. My client had asked if I allowed it and I replied with a “Heck Yes!”. Well, he came over and although he claimed to be shy it sure didn’t take him long to get his hands and mouth all over me:) First, I was lying on the massage table on my back with him DATY. Then, he lay on his back on the table and I climbed on top of him and we stayed in a 69 position for a long time. He was doing so well and I wanted to make sure he didn’t stop so I snaked my calf under the back of his head to better hold him in place.

Finally, he said he wanted to make me cum with his fingers and had me get back onto my back on the table. He started working on my but I wanted more of his tongue. When I was about to cum I told him to lick my asshole (which he confided he had never done and under normal circumstances would never do) while I frigged my clit and shot out pussy juice all over him, myself, and the table (so much that it trickled onto the floor in a puddle). This was so erotic that he could hold back no longer and came using his own hand.

I’m going to go over to my other blog now ( to write about the first appointment. Once you read about these two you’ll understand why I was so tired!). Now I’m rested and ready for more – can we say nympho?