90 min massage with the works, back rub+ anal, and dominant daddy type

First thing in the morning I got to go see a client at the Aria. He was super fun! Extremely tall, he had a member to match if you know what I mean. He’d asked for a 90 minutes massage with the works and it was so hot… before I started with each limb I bent over and sprinkled kisses all over his butt and the back of his thighs. Each time I did a little more – licking, biting, sucking, until I had pulled his engorged cock out and was stroking it from behind. His responses were awesome and I got so super creamy wet he could feel it without even going inside my labia when he touched me. By the time I got to his last foot I was so horny I could have humped the heel!

My next client is a very cute professional who is so busy he needs to schedule a massage just to relax a minute. And he likes anal. What I like to do with him is give him a really great relaxing back rub. Then I lick and play with his ass getting him totally excited. After I get the condom on his larger than average cock I have him lean his butt against the table, turn my back to him and slowly impale myself on him. I take my time bouncing lightly with just his head in until I feel myself relax completely and I really ride it. It’s like something out of a porno! When I’m really loosened up I ask him to pound me and I lean over the table, he grabs my hips and just goes to town!

My last fun of the day was a very dominant guy who talks to me about what a naughty girl I am. He is much taller than me and holds me in the crook of his arm while using his other hand to play with my pussy making me squirm and squeal. I was still so wet and creamy from the anal experience! He made me cum finally after thoroughly fingering me by rubbing amazing circles around my clit.

Aahhh a terrific day!