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We were both very excited to see each other.  We had been trying to meet up for a while, and the scheduling just wouldn’t work out. When he opened the door, he opened his arms up to greet me with a hug and a sweet French-kiss. He offered me something to drink, but I could tell his mind was on our connection. We went into the living room, and he got naked. I got on my knees in front of him and put my mouth and face near his inner thighs smelling him and letting him feel my breath. His cock was already rock hard.

I began licking his testicles giving them a very thorough tongue bath. When neither one of us could stand it any longer, I started to run my tongue up the underside of his cock, and when I got to the head, I took it into my mouth and enjoyed the feeling of his cock in my mouth. His cock is a little bit thicker than normal, and I was grateful that my jaws could open up to take him as deeply as I did. I slowly began to explore his cock with my tongue, alternating between bobbing my head up-and-down taking him in deeper and deeper with each bob and swirling my tongue around the tip. When I felt he was coming close to climax, I switched back to licking his testicles and perineum.

I stopped licking him and sucking on him long enough to take off my dress and bra. Taking him my mouth again, I went as deep as I could, triggering a flow of saliva.  It quickly became a very sloppy wet blow job. Straightening up I took my breasts, one in each hand, and wrapped them around the shaft of his cock. Slowly at first, I moved my torso up-and-down feeling his cock against my breasts and chest. He told me he felt like that was going to make him cum. I said to him that I couldn’t wait to taste his cum and began sucking on his cock even more enthusiastically. I used the saliva to massage his testicles and perineal area with one hand while I stroked his shaft with my other hand almost as if it was an extension of my mouth.

It wasn’t long until he reached climax, his entire body stiffening up. I kept my mouth on the head of his cock as I stroked the shaft making sure not to let any fall and make a mess.

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Neurological Disabilities And Sex With The Las Vegas Masseuse Part 3

That was when I knew he was ready for me to get to his prostate.  I started adding lube.  I would squirt some on his tailbone, draw my finger out of his anus, cover my finger in the lube, then gently put it back in going a little bit deeper with each stroke.  I continued to do more relaxing massage in all directions as I penetrated his anus deeper and deeper.  Eventually I was able to have my finger all the way in and press down to massage directly on his prostate.  The whole time I continued stroking with my hand alternating between his cock and his testicles.  Then as I felt him open up even more I started to apply more pressure on to his prostate and to be more rhythmic in my stroking.  

After a few minutes of this I asked him to tell me when he was ready to turn over so that I could take his cock in my mouth while I massage his prostate.  He said he was ready 10 minutes ago LOL.  I had him roll onto his back and I crawled in between his legs.  I slid my finger into his anus. It was very easy this time since he was already relaxed and opened up from all the massage when he was face down.  I put my mouth on his cock and slowly licked up and down bobbing my head up and down letting him feel the warmth of my mouth.  I twirled and swirled my tongue around his cock while I held it as deep as I could inside my mouth.  The entire time I continue to stroke his prostate directly.  When his cock was covered in saliva I took a break from having my mouth on his cock and used my hand to stroke his cock while I licked and sucked on his testicles continuing to massage his prostate.

After I was satisfied that I had licked and sucked all over his testicles I put my mouth back on his cock and did a combination of sucking and stroking on his cock while I was massaging his prostate until he had an extremely intense orgasm and came in my mouth.  Just what he wanted!


If you have a neurological disorder such as Cerebral Palsy, Multiple Sclerosis or ALS and you would like to have a FBSM (sensual massage / erotic massage / prostate massage) or ‘Massage With The Works’ (girlfriend experience / GFE / Full Service / oral sex / blow job / CIM – cum in mouth / BBBJ – bareback blowjob) with a BBW Las Vegas Masseuse / Redhead Escort / Voluptuous Companion / Mature Companion please send me an email or text me at 702.236.1975 and we can have a session that can include silly stripping, massage, tantra style touch, and kissing.