Sunday was a great day for massage!

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And boy did I do a lot of it!

  1. One of my most loyal clients. I gave him a full body massage and ended up doing a blowjob on video;) I will be selling that footage so let me know if you want to see. $15
  2. A very talented cunniliguist at the Vdara. I came all over his face during the 69 position on the massage table! Then we moved to the bed for sex. Used the female condom again. It was… interesting. Then he finished on my chest:)
  3. I got a couples quicky. OMG all they wanted was some down and dirty play time really fast. So fun! She was cute and tasted good but I called her all kinds of bad names following the prompts of her boyfriend. So HOT!
  4. While leaving my earlier appointment at the Vdara I was going down the elevator with my massage table and the man in there asked me for my card. He called for an appointment that night and he made me cum again! First he ate and ate me. Then he fucked my pussy while we prepared my ass. Then we did some really good ass fucking. We finished in one of my favorite positions… me laying on my back masturbating with his fingers in my pussy and him with his crotch right in my face jerking off. He came all over my chest too.
  5. The day ended with a client who wanted some massage and some BDSM. I won’t go into too much detail here (if you want to know about it I’ll be writing it soon on but suffice it to say it was super hot and super fun and he said it might have been one of the most intense experiences of his life.

I was so happy to have such a busy productive day! I also got in a great workout – I can still feel it in my muscles today:)

Picture of me on Sunday after meeting with the couple.

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